Omega to Host Over 20 Non-Profits for Service Week

500+ people on campus to reflect, strategize and plan for the future of their organizations

RHINEBECK, NY - What do the Police Athletic League, Libby Ross Foundation and Hospice Inc. have in common? They, along with nearly two dozen other organizations, will participate in the Omega Service Week, May 28-June 1. In the past, organizations have utilized Service Week to develop strategic plans for the future, heal organizational rifts and deepen staff cooperation so that when they go back to their work, it will be more effectual and have a greater impact. This annual event awards to grantee organizations room, board and all the Omega Institute facilities have to offer.

"It is part of our mission to build a more compassionate and sustainable world. We see Service Week as part of that," said Carla Goldstein, Director of External Affairs at the Omega Institute. "The organizations that attend this week work throughout the year to improve the well-being of others and life on this planet we share. This is a time to thank them for what they do and allow them to take a step back to reflect on their missions, strategize and plan for the future so the rest of their work can be more powerful," concluded Goldstein.

The overall goal of the Omega Service Week is to take senior staff and/or board members of grantee organizations out of their office environment and to provide a level of care and comfort that will allow those who attend to work, play and heal in a calm and peaceful setting, unencumbered by daily interruptions and operational pressures. Each organization creates and leads their own retreat program. Omega is a non-profit organization and, in a spirit of solidarity, views Service Week as an opportunity to share their work with other non-profits.

Other organizations to attend this week include The Emancipation Center, Syncreta Associates, Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill, Council on Community Services of New York State and the Council for Unity. Teach for America and Doctors Without Borders will come to Omega at different times throughout the summer to accommodate their numbers.

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