Omega to Host Roots, Rhythm and Soul

First such gathering at Omega to focus on unique benefits of yoga for the black community

RHINEBECK, NY - Yoga holds tremendous potential for the issues of health, race and the politics of being black in America. These and other questions will be discussed as a call to action goes out for black people to gather for healing and renewal of the body, mind and spirit. The weekend of September 21-23 will be filled with learning about the ancient Kemetic-African tradition of yoga as well as drumming, dancing and sharing of stories.

"The healing, regenerating power of yoga is something we in the black community should more fully embrace," said Yirser Ra Hotep, founder of the Society of Kemetic Yoga. "Philosophically, yoga teaches that all obstacles can be overcome as long as your internal balance is maintained. This conference could be the beginning of a unique movement."

Throughout the weekend, black yoga teachers will guide participants to discover the benefits of yoga for themselves and the community. Together they will examine the current health challenges brought on by stress, hypertension, obesity, and diabetes and how yoga can help recovery and spur lifestyle changes.

"We are looking forward to this amazing gathering on the campus of the Omega Institute," said Carla Goldstein, Director of External Affairs at the Omega. "Throughout our history, people have come here to find a new way of approaching life through discussion, spiritual renewal and community. We believe Roots, Rhythm and Soul will prove to be such an event," concluded Goldstein.

The weekend will be guided by the top black yoga professionals in the country. Ra Hotep will teach about the African roots of Kemetic yoga. Yoga philosophy will be explored with Maya Breuer. Yoga inspired by African drum and dance will be demonstrated by Abigail "Ifatola" Jefferson. Jana Long will examine the yoga of Sankofa. And yoga of martial arts will be taught by Swami Dinndayal N. Morgan.

The Omega Institute was founded 30 years ago and has grown into the nation's most respected source for wellness and personal growth. Every year, more than 20,000 people attend workshops, seminars, conferences and learning vacations. Most come to Omega's campus, which is situated on 195 acres in Rhinebeck, NY, but Omega also hosts events in New York City and in various places throughout the world. This year, there are retreats in Costa Rica and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Omega is also building a year-round community through live streaming and downloads.

Teachers, students, and those who have never done yoga are all invited to this inspirational and joyful retreat as they reconnect with their roots, rhythm, and soul.

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