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Omega's Water of Life Conference Draws Leading Environmental Activists

Omega's Water of Life Conference Draws Leading Environmental Activists

Robert F. Kennedy, Maude Barlow, John Todd and Others Address Global Water Crisis

RHINEBECK, NY - More than 200 conference goers gathered in Rhinebeck, New York this weekend for Omega Institute's Water of Life conference. In an effort to find lasting solutions to the global freshwater resource crisis, Omega welcomed leading activists to address the conference, including Robert F. Kennedy, Maude Barlow and John Todd, amongst others. The speakers shared their thoughts and insights on the global water crisis and offered solutions for protecting this vital and irreplaceable resource.

A key component of the Water of Life Conference involved sharing best practices that have a emerged from Omega Institute's effort to build the first fully sustainable "living building" in the United States. The Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL) will be a state-of-the art environmental center containing an Eco Machine™, an energy-efficient, self-sustaining wastewater treatment process.

Selected highlights from the conference speakers include:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: "We must recognize that nature is the infrastructure of our society. An investment in the environment is an investment in infrastructure. We must protect our shared resources and public trust assets, such as water, to ensure future generations personal and economic vitality."

Maude Barlow, head of the Council of Canadians, and United Nation Senior Adviser on Water Issues: "The global water crisis is not just a victim of greenhouse fueled climate change. The displacement and privatization of water is also a cause of the problem...There are many places around the world already running out of freshwater, including Colorado, Texas and Florida. It doesn't have to be this way. We must take steps toward conservation and source protection."

Dr. John Todd, Ecological Designer: "Omega is pushing the envelope further - by honoring the interconnected symbiotic elements - they are integrating aesthetics, engineering, and carbon neutral design to connect nature with architecture. The Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL) will provide insight into what we hope is an ecologically defined age, in which we become true stewards of water."

Skip Backus, Executive Director, Omega Institute: "At Omega we believe that education and leadership are critical components of successfully saving our planet. We've committed ourselves to building the Omega Center for Sustainable Living, which will offer visitors a unique opportunity to expand their awareness of the water crisis, and experience real solutions. Omega sees 23,000 guests annually, who become multipliers moving the knowledge gained on our campus forward into their local communities and every day decisions."

For further information about the Water of Life Conference, including additional photographs, please contact Chrissa Pullicino at (845) 266-4444, ext. 233.

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