3 Tips to Finding Fulfillment

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Contemporary thought leader Panache Desai offers three ways to unleash your energy and discover the true source of fulfillment.

By Panache Desai

It's been said that the culmination of any spiritual practice is finding fulfillment. We hunger for a purpose, a calling, something to hold on to that puts our perceived lacking life in perspective, wondering what it is we need to find before we can feel whole and fulfilled.

We've all been there. We're all human. But what our human brain tends to forget is that our spirit does not operate from the dimension of need. There's nothing to find. It always operates from full and overflowing energy. The wholeness we seek outside is inside us right now and while we frantically search for contentment, the abundant wellspring is ready and waiting to be uncovered by us.

Here are three ways to help you unleash your powerful geyser of energy and discover the true source of fulfillment.

Be Amazed

In the hubbub of everyday life, we're so busy managing our To-Do list that we don't take time to see that the amazing beauty of nature, evolution, art, science, and life is happening all around us.

Make the time to go to a park, the zoo, or an art or science museum. Gaze up at the moon, or down at an anthill. Stand in the rain or watch the golden setting sun. Seize the opportunity to stand in awe of whatever takes your breath away as often as possible.

Finding what makes your jaw drop with wonder puts life's everyday peskiness into perspective. Remind yourself, "Wow. That unbelievable thing exists and I am alive and grateful to be able to experience it."

Let the potent vibrational energy you feel in its presence infuse your being, recognizing that same tremendously inspirational energy resides in you as well.

Prioritize You

While you run to dental appointments, soccer practices, and budget meetings, it's easy to lose sight of you and your true needs. Carve out uninterrupted time during the day to get in touch with your inner voice, your own vibrational energy, or whatever nurtures you in the way that you need.

Even if it's only for a short while, savor the chance to take a precious pause and connect to a place of stillness. Forging that bond on a daily basis reminds us that our powerful inner connection may have been forgotten, but it has never left. It is unconditionally there for you and your strengthened vibrational connection to it, enables you to be more available for others.

Go Inside

Being fulfilled means living a life free from need. When we shift our vibrational frequency to spaciousness within us, our external reality,­ our career, our relationships, our life doesn't have to morph into something other than what it is. We can simply be who we are.

Deep down we know fulfillment doesn't come from food, jobs, or our idea of romantic love. It springs organically from our magnificent soul, which is always brimming with luminosity and love. Our sacred inner connection to our spirit is what drives our life, delivers our true fulfillment, and provides the acceptance and wholeness we're really hungry for.

Your life is a wonder. You are a wonder. Your journey toward fulfillment begins and ends with you. Stand in awe of yourself, connect with your glorious spirit, source your life from that place of pure love inside, and trust that it's always there for you.

Or, you could simply take Mother Theresa's directive, "Life is a promise. Fulfill it."