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Magical Awakening energy healing is not about fixing anyone. It's about listening intuitively to the energy itself and playfully engaging with it, says creator Brett Bevell.

The universe is conscious. I first recognized this two decades ago when I began engaging a number of alternative healing techniques to overcome my own childhood trauma—trauma which was complex and deep, far too complex for traditional psychotherapy to conveniently unwind. As I engaged these techniques, which ranged from shamanic healing to rebirthing to energy healing, I noticed quick and radical changes that were very positive begin to happen in my own life. I also noticed my own level of awareness grew, my intuition became more sharp, and I was overcome with the constant peculiar sense that the universe was conscious and aware of me.

The deeper down I went exploring these alternative methods of healing, the better I felt about myself and my body, and my emotional awareness grew. I was able to eventually feel the energetic attachments between me and those who had abused me decades ago. I was then taught how to sever and release those attachments—these energetic strings that had kept me like a puppet victim for so many years no matter how much traditional therapy I did. Once those attachments were cut, I felt empowered to be free and have been on an amazing journey ever since.

How Energy Healing Works

Energy healing works with the premise that everything in existence is made of light and has an energetic signature. This concept corresponds with the string theory in modern physics that the smallest, most basic particles of creation are oscillating and vibrating, almost like the music from the strings of a guitar. These energy signatures affect us all the time. If we are in a room that is full of joy, we feel that vibration. Similarly, if you enter a room where people have been fighting and arguing it often holds a very different energetic signature—what some might call “bad vibes.” What energy healing does is address those fundamental energetic signatures, even those energetic signatures from the past that can impact the present and future.

We cannot change past events, but we can change the notes, the tune that those strings from the past are sending into the future. We can also change the energetic signatures of our own cells for physical healing, as well as change the energetic signatures in our emotions to change how we feel about ourselves and the world.

A Magical Awakening healing session—my particular approach to energy healing—is actually quite creative from the healer’s point of view. The healer goes into a place of deep listening, allowing the divine consciousness within the energy itself to unfold and teach the healer what needs to happen next. It is more a healing art than a science. This also allows the healer to let go of their ego, to let go of the need to fix or heal anyone. Instead, they are simply playing with numerous divine energetic signatures the same way a musician riffs on various notes during a jazz improv session.

Healing the Energy Healer

The beauty and joy of this is often felt as much by the healer as the person being healed, though the positive healing results for the person receiving the healing are astonishing. One person whom I gave three treatments to told me it changed their life and that they no longer felt the need to be in therapy after 15 years. Also, a Magical Awakening session can be sent to numerous people simultaneously. At Omega Institute, where I work and teach, I often give half-hour long sessions to a room of 20 or more people all simultaneously, and have on rare occasion worked on as many as 100 people at once.

Energy healing at this level leads the healer into awakened states of consciousness, often being able to see karmic patterns, past-life issues, and even the core spark of divinity residing inside each person. As you learn to unwind the debris that covers that core spark, more light begins to shine outward into all aspects of your life. You also begin to realize that the universe itself is a dream, a playful dream.

As a healer, you loosen, let go, laugh, and come to realize you are playing with the Divine and nothing more—that the joy of energy healing at its deepest level is simply energetic play, a game with the divine. I do not even think of Magical Awakening healers as being practitioners as much as wizards, like the great wizard Merlin.

What Makes a Magical Awakening Wizard

Magical Awakening has its roots in the lineage of Merlin and the healing power of The Grail. The beauty of this system is that not only is it one of the most powerful energy healing systems I have been shown in terms of what one can accomplish with it, but it also works to free the mind of the wizard healer who uses it.

Magical Awakening always requires that the wizard healer be fully present, open as a child, without preconceptions to where the healing is going to go. The wizard healer is asked to listen intuitively to the energy itself, and to play with it. Through this sense of magical play it is constantly reinforcing that the universe itself is a dream, a playful dream. We are nothing but haikus, little wonderful poems created by divine imagination. It is through this playful dance that we realize we are nothing at all, and we then know simultaneously that we are everything.

Excerpted from The Wizard's Guide to Energy Healing by Brett Bevell. Copyright © 2015. Used with permission.

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