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Medium James Van Praagh explains there are many ways to understand "life" and our journey here in our human incarnation.

Most of the people who come to my lectures want to see me make contact with the consciousness of those who no longer inhabit this physical dimension, but I always give them a healthy dose of what really matters: the truth that there is no "death" and that what we believe about our lives on Earth—about this being our true nature—is just an illusion. We are eternal souls that have no beginning and no end, but while we're incarnated in this physical dimension, we are only aware of now. The wholeness of who we really are is filtered through our human senses, so we are not capable of seeing the big picture. 

But there are ways we can get glimpses of our true nature: through meditation, out-of-body experiences, and the accounts of near-death experience survivors; by being regressed to past lives; and from information channeled via mediums. As a person who has been blessed with the ability to communicate with souls who have transitioned to the spirit realms, I personally cannot deny the experiences I have had. If it wasn't happening to me, I would be skeptical, too.

If you were to ask what I've learned from my career as a medium, it would be that the most important thing we humans can do is to utilize the energy of love. Earth is a very busy place, and we're constantly bombarded with challenges and obstacles. We are rewarded and encouraged when we separate ourselves from the pack. We are tempted to equate money or fame with success, but that is a false god. The Beatles summed it up very eloquently: All you need is love.

I'd like you to think of your soul as a big, long river. As it flows and meanders, sometimes it stops to pool. Think of that as an incarnation in the physical. After a while, the flow starts up again, until it reaches another pool. But there is always movement, there is always a destination, there is always growth. The river can bend and turn, but it does have an ultimate goal: to be united with the sea...the whole. Likewise, the mission of your soul is to utilize the energy of love in order to make a successful return home to its source.

My wish is that you'll come to understand that there is more to "life" than what you can perceive with your five senses. For instance, I look out at the park across the street from my home and I see the squirrels that live there. They inhabit a finite space, and it's all that they know. It is their world. The reality that there's a big planet on which they could roam is not even something they can conceive of. That possibility is not even on their radar.

In contrast, evolution has given us humans the ability to ponder other universes and other dimensions. Will it ever be possible to know the truth of why we are here while we process that question through our human brain? Have we been given another path to access the mysteries of the universe? And is it really our purpose to know? 

What I do know is that the quest to find those answers is an adventure through space and time and heavenly realms that will lead your soul—your river—to the sea of love.

Adapted from Adventures of the Soul: Journeys Through the Physical and Spiritual Dimensions by James Van Praagh. Copyright ©2014 by James Van Praagh.

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