Choosing A Miracle Mindset

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Do you need a miracle in your life? Let internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson show you how to change your thoughts to create your own miracles.

By Marianne Williamson

A miracle is a shift in thinking, a shift from fear to love.

At first glance that sounds a bit ridiculous. How does shifting a thought cause a miraculous change?

And yet it does that exactly. For every thought we think creates form on some level. A simple thought—seemingly trivial or even unimportant—carries within it the power to move mountains. And that is the least it can do. There is no worldly power—no money, no technology, no business or government—that can match in power the power we wield by simply using our minds for the purposes of love.

“I love, I love!” you might say. And of course you do. We all do. The problem, however, is that we do not only love. We love, but then we take it back. We love, but then we stop when it becomes inconvenient. We love but only until the ego is challenged by the thought of risk.

And so it is that while we love, we do not wield the power of love. We love, but we do not love only. And so we love, but we do not work miracles.

But you can guide your thinking to the thoughts of love that will break the chains of fear that bind you. One moment, one situation, one thought at a time, we can evolve beyond lower thought forms that keep us bound. And in so doing, we become miracle-workers, working miracles for ourselves and the world.

For miracles occur naturally as an expression of love. When you choose to love, you choose to work miracles.

The following spiritual readings offer guidance and support to stay focused on love and to avoid the distractions of fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, and everything else that is not built on love. It is a daily choice to think with love that determines what miracles come into our lives.

The universe is ready to bless you. Are you ready to receive these gifts?

Today I choose happiness.

The circumstances of my life may go up and down, for the mortal world is changeable. The immortal world, however, is changeless, for there is only love. I build my house on the rock of the immortal world. Today I choose only immortal thoughts. I extend my perception beyond what my senses perceive, to what my heart knows is true. I withdraw my belief that I need anyone or anything to be other than what they are, in order for me to be secure. I know that whenever fear expresses itself, love will ultimately prevail. Therefore I need not fear, nor cry, nor despair. To the extent to which I see what is truly true, I see only cause for happiness.

Happiness is the choice I make today. It does not rest on my circumstances, but on my frame of mind. I surrender to God any emotional habits that lead me down the path of unhappiness, and pray for guidance in shifting my thoughts. In cultivating the habits of happiness, I attract the people and situations that match its frequency. I smile more often, give praise more often, give thanks more often, and am glad more often. For such is my choice today.

On Becoming Who You Are

Wherever you’ve been, and whatever you’ve done so far, your entire life was built for this moment. Now is the time to bust forth into greatness, a greatness you could have never achieved without going through exactly the things you’ve gone through. Everything you’ve experienced was grist for the mill by which you have become who you are. As low as you might have descended, in God there are no limits to how high you can go now. It is not too late. You are not too damaged. In fact, you are better than you know.

On the Promise of the Present

The eternal self dwells in eternity, and eternity intersects linear time at only one point: the present. Who you are in this moment, therefore, is who you truly are. And who you are is love itself. From that essential point of perfect being, created anew by God in every instant, miracles flow naturally. Love interrupts the past and opens the future to new probabilities. No matter who you are, no matter how young or old you are, in the present, all things are possible. 

On Saying Yes to New Beginnings

Our very cells respond to the thoughts we think. With every word, silent or spoken, we participate in the body’s functioning. We participate in the functioning of the universe itself. If our consciousness grows lighter, then so does everything within and around us. This means, of course, that with every thought, we can start to recreate our lives. In saying yes to new beginnings, we begin to bring them forth.