It Takes a Village: Funding Omega Family Week | Omega

Family Week has been a cherished Omega tradition for more than 30 years.

Families return year after year to participate in healing, community, and growth; build lifelong friendships; and create a “village”—a support system that sustains them beyond the Omega campus.

These days we feel deep gratitude for any opportunity to help cultivate family togetherness—for families of all configurations.

Omega cofounder Elizabeth Lesser, who helped start Family Week, carries with her “the feeling—and the prayer—that the world could be like this every week, for all people, all children, everywhere.”

This beloved program has touched many lives over the years. We are grateful to the numerous families who, because of their deep belief in Family Week, have offered continued financial support.

In 2017, we held our first ever Facebook fundraiser to help raise additional scholarship support for the program. The village showed up. We met our $3,000 goal and all donations were matched dollar for dollar.

Through the generosity of the Family Week community, we were able to offer scholarships to families who otherwise would not be able to join in.

These were “kids who had never gotten a chance to be in nature, swim in a lake, see the stars at night,” Elizabeth said. “I'd love to increase that capacity.”

At Omega Family Week, everyone has the opportunity to feel a sense of belonging and connection. When you give to Family Week scholarships, you help the village thrive.

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