Making a Difference on the Mat | Omega

If you’ve taken a yoga class at Omega, you’ve likely used a sustainable, no-slip mat made by JadeYoga.

Since 2011, JadeYoga has generously provided Omega with yoga mats for use during classes and workshops. Sharing Omega’s concern for the environment and future of our planet, JadeYoga is known for its use of high-quality, natural materials.

In 2017, JadeYoga donated additional yoga mats to Omega for participants in our Yoga Service programs.

When a young participant at the Yoga Service Conference was offered a JadeYoga mat to take home, he became emotional. It was the first yoga mat he had ever been able to call his own.

Upon hearing his reaction, Jade Industries president Dean Jerrehian said, “We’re so happy to contribute to the life-changing experiences people have at Omega. We love hearing about how we’re touching people’s lives in such important and unexpected ways.”