March 2021 Horoscopes | Omega

This month brings the spring equinox, as Mars moves into Gemini and the sun enters Aries. Find out how these events and more will impact your sign in March. 

Aries (March 21-April 19)
March 20 is the day the sun enters Aries. It's the first day of spring and the astrological new year—a powerful point in the year when we can initiate change in our lives. So, think about what you want to start, launch, or create. What desires didn't manifest last year? What expectations fell flat? This month, you could feel a revival of hope and an opening to joy. 

Your ruling planet Mars moves into playful Gemini on March 3, awakening spring fever. You could have more energy for home projects or creative endeavors. Exercise and time outdoors will help you ground that energy to direct it in ways that feel supportive of your priorities. You might have a keener wit or sharper tongue. Be aware of that as you engage in conversations. 

The new moon on March 13 pulls you into reflection. What do you need to release? Any unresolved conflicts or unfinished business could come up for you to reach completion. 

On March 21, Venus enters your sign and allows you to attract new people or circumstances into your life. For some of you, this will be favorable for your love life. This influence tends to increase our confidence and boost our self-esteem. It can illuminate your social life and inspire the urge to connect with friends. When Venus shines her light in your sign, you look and feel good. With that extra confidence, you can attract attention in business as well as romance. The full moon on March 28 adds to this dynamic energy. 

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

What would life be like without friends? These are the people who support you through all life's ups and downs. They're the ones who laugh and cry with us. We're held together through invisible threads of love. With all you've had going on this year, professionally and personally, you may feel more distant from your social circle. As the sun shines in Pisces this month, you can find ways to connect with them and even meet a new one. 

Venus moves through Pisces until March 21, making this a favorable time for all types of relationships. She's your ruling planet, and she's quite happy in this sign. Relationships could be more harmonious, and if you're single, you could feel hopeful about romantic possibilities. Regardless of your relationship status, you can more easily integrate past experiences and open yourself to profound love. 

Gravitate toward beauty by redesigning what you can—your home, wardrobe, or professional brand identity. You could have sudden opportunities present themselves to you, and you'd be wise to be prepared. Imagine the most exciting scenario possible. Now, work backward from there. As the sun and Neptune conjoin on March 10, a prophetic dream could inspire a move in your career. Reach out to friends and discuss any insights you have. 

The sun enters Aries on March 20, and springtime pulls you outside. Plan a hiking trip or some other adventure to spend dedicated time in nature. On March 28, the Libra full moon encourages you to prioritize your health, especially if you have faced considerable stress. Breathe fresh air to detox your entire system. 

Gemini (May 20-June 20)
If you've felt uninspired, I have good news. That will change on March 3 when action-oriented Mars enters your sign. You're going to have motivation unlike you've had in two years. Think about what you were doing in the spring of 2019. What excited you? What was developing in your love life? You could see a repeat performance of those themes. 

In general, this is a high-energy time during which you will see the manifestation of intentions. Charisma will help you draw people into your life who can assist you in accomplishing professional goals. Be open to receiving help; you don't have to do it all on your own. Mars meets with the north node on March 26. If you have felt unfocused, this influence reinforces a sense of mission. What do you love to do? What fills you with enthusiasm? Follow your joy to find your purpose. 

Jupiter, the planet of opportunities, highlights adventure. As the sun enters Aries on March 20 and springtime begins, you will feel optimistic about travel possibilities. 

The full moon on March 28 shines a light on romance in a month with more access to passion. Mars and Venus will both be shining favorably for you. If you are single and wish to manifest a partner, socialize with friends. You never know who could set you up to meet your person. Say yes to any invitations. If you're in a relationship, how can you and your partner revitalize your love life? Find creative ways to express your feelings. 

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
The long winter draws to a close, and your time of hibernation does too. Starting March 20, it's springtime, and the world is waiting to see what you've been working on throughout the winter months. Step out of the shadows; it's time to shine. 

At the beginning of the month, your quest for understanding could lead you to a class, workshop, or retreat. The new moon on March 13 highlights introspection. Visit your local bookstore and lose yourself in the spiritual aisles. After March 7, when asteroid Pallas enters Pisces, you could be emboldened to share your wisdom with others. 

After March 20, the Aries sun highlights career. Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means you enjoy the pursuit of a new beginning. With your wide range of skills, you could embark on an entrepreneurial path. You could have insights into these matters at the end of the month. If you've felt frustrated with your current trajectory, reach out to others for guidance around the time of the full moon on March 28. Answers will arise from within your unconscious mind. They're held in your intuition.

You could undergo a shift in consciousness that will lead to changes in your love life. If you are in a relationship, let faith bypass fear. If you have concerns, voice them from your heart, bypassing your ego. Speak up if something bothers you, and talk through triggers that may be up. If you are single, you are ready for an experience of deep love. Trust yourself and the process. 

Leo (July 23-August 22)

The sun, your sign's ruler, is exalted in Aries, the sign it enters on March 20. If you've been feeling blah, things are about to change. To start with, the Sun's entry into Aries kicks off springtime. New life will begin to sprout, and you'll feel optimistic about beginnings in your life, too. 

Leading up to March 20, you could have a surge of creative energy. Express from the depths, and don't worry about seeming too dark or strange. You have talents that others long to hear, see, and experience. The full moon on March 28 helps inspire courage to use your voice. You could be led to share your wisdom with others. You do not need to be insecure about what you have to say. 

Investment opportunities may pique your interest at the beginning of the month. Be cautiously optimistic about any developments. From March 10-13, if something seems unbelievably good, dig deeper and investigate. Be willing to see the whole picture—not just what you want to believe. 

Wanderlust could overtake you this month, especially if you've been practicing social distancing. Plan an adventure or spring break trip to relax at the end of the month. 

Love is a primary focus this year, regardless of whether you're single or coupled. After March 21, you could meet someone for a long-distance romance. If you're in a relationship, focus on appreciating your partner. Embrace the challenges in your relationship so you can learn from them. In doing so, you can deepen self-love.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
All right, Virgo here's your first quarter pep talk. You can do it! Keep going! The Sun shines in your opposite sign, and everything feels more effortful. Hang in there and keep the faith. Mars enters playful Gemini on March 3 and helps boost your motivation for accomplishing goals. You will likely have a stronger sense of mission in all you do. If you don't feel enthused by your work, consider other pathways to success. 

Professional relationships prove beneficial this month, especially at the new moon on March 13. You might wonder, is that helpful person an angel? Follow synchronicities to open yourself to these types of connections. You could meet investors or supporters. Keep your mind open, and have a pitch ready to go at the full moon on March 28. You can't foresee how the universe aims to help you—let it unfold. 

On March 20, the sun enters Aries, and it's an excellent time to work on financial matters. You could discover some hidden information or even find some money you didn't know was there. 

The equinox on March 20 starts a new season, and you could have a touch of spring fever. Consider having an adventure late in the month, whether that means travel to a new destination or immerse yourself in a novel. 

In relationships, the sun joins Neptune on March 10 and casts a romantic vibe. If you're single, this could mean the start of something thrilling. This transit helps you see beyond the faults of others and expands your heart's capacity for love. 

Libra (September 22-October 22)

Venus, your ruling planet, moves through kind and sensitive Pisces until March 21. Because Venus is the planet of relationships, you might expect more harmonious connections throughout the month. Venus also relates to pleasure and beauty. Tell me, Libra, are you enjoying life? If not, make it a top priority. After all, what's more important than your relationship with yourself? Do one enjoyable thing each day as a spiritual practice. 

It is an excellent month to form new business partnerships or solidify a relationship with an agent or representative. After March 20, the Sun shines in Aries and highlights the potential for business partnerships. If your competitive drive is higher than usual, you can thank Mars in Gemini. Take advantage of it, and aim high. You embody more courage right now to assert yourself or make a career change. 

Honor your physical health this month, especially around the new moon on March 13. You may need extra rest at the beginning of the month. Move your body to release stagnant energy, especially if you've been indoors during the cold months. 

The full moon on March 28 in your sign enlightens you about any tension in your love life. You can see patterns and dynamics with clarity, but you can't fix problems on your own. You may have to move toward conflict to reach a resolution. If you are single, Venus in your house of marriage and commitment could help you call in the one after March 21. Keep an open heart and mind. 

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) 
Take a deep breath and relax. 2021 has been a whirlwind so far, and it's only March. The energy shifts this month, allowing you to turn a corner and accept some relief. The sun moves through Pisces until March 20, shining a light on your creative endeavors and opening opportunities for you to share your talents with the world. 

Professionally, you can better monetize your creative abilities. Showcase your work to attract new customers or clients. 

After March 20, you could feel an urge to clean, declutter, and detox. Start with your thoughts. Are you obsessing about something? Do you have repetitive negative thoughts? Become more aware of those and their triggers. Look around your space and see what can be cleaned or cleared. What can you do to create a better flow of energy? Your home is a top priority this year, with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Think of it physically and energetically.

The full moon on March 28 shines on your health, making it an optimum time to make food and exercise choices that support your health-related goals.  

Venus and Neptune grace the new moon on March 13, making this a day of romance for you. If you are single, you could have a shift in consciousness that opens your heart to new possibilities in love. If you're partnered, you could discuss the next steps toward commitment with your love. You're ready to change dynamics that haven't been working, and more importantly, you're ready to have a more soulful experience of love. 

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

On March 20, the sun enters fire sign Aries, and a new season begins. You could feel more optimistic about the possibilities unfolding in your life. At the beginning of the month, think of decluttering and letting go. Then, after March 20, you'll be ready to manifest new beginnings. So, look around your home. What can you clear? What unfinished projects can you finish? The new moon on March 13 could inspire a move or other home-related activities. 

Think about your mindset. If you have repetitive fearful thoughts or doubts, declutter those, too. Your thoughts could be more active with Mercury in Aquarius until March 15. Journal or discuss your insights with a good friend. You could be inspired to write or speak. 

On March 20, the sun enters fiery Aries and energizes you. With Mars in your opposite sign, Gemini, you might have a strong desire for a romantic connection. It's a time to overcome any disappointments you've faced and forgive the past. You can't go back in time, but you can make positive changes right now to have a more satisfying experience of love. Act with integrity, and be open to dating someone you might otherwise resist. Love is a predominant theme at the end of the month. 

The Libra full moon on March 28 shines a spotlight on friendships and community. You have extra charisma and charm as we head into April. Others could call you to a leadership position, or you could receive an opportunity to write or speak. Accept these invitations with grace and gratitude.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

The sun shines in Pisces until March 20, and it highlights an area of your chart dedicated to communication. At the beginning of the month, expand your perception to discover ways to commune with others and the natural world. How can you deepen your intuition? Try listening more and talking less. Feel the vibes in your surroundings. Write letters to share the feelings in your heart, or use art to express ideas. 

The new moon on March 13 could stir emotions. Pay attention to your dreams, as they will offer you symbolic messages to help unpack unconscious truths. You could have profound realizations between March 4-13. 

On March 20, the sun enters Aries and shines on your home life. You could consider moving or making changes to your living space. The full moon on March 28 introduces a tension between personal and professional affairs. Maintain perspective by being aware of the big picture rather than being concerned about frustrating details in your day-to-day experience. You're open to exploring family and ancestral patterns, and consequently, you may be more annoyed by unwelcome behavior. On March 29, let compassion lead conversations. Healing is possible. 

You're more motivated by work than romance this month, but love could surprise you, especially if you're single. On March 13, Venus meets Neptune, and you could see beyond any challenges in your relationship. This healing influence can help repair any fractures in the foundation of your partnership. If you're single, it can help you overcome doubts.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

All you dreamers, visionaries, and creatives—this month's astrology supports you in all ways. Let your mind drift into a daydream; it could lead to a brainstorming session. Discuss ideas with friends or colleagues to generate enthusiasm. On March 10, when the sun meets Neptune, surf the waves of inspiration and see what transpires. Days later, the new moon on the 13th helps you see ways to share your gifts with others and, perhaps, earn extra income in the process. 

The beginning of the month places emphasis on your finances. On March 13, a Venus conjunct Neptune aspect lets you see through rose-colored glasses. If you plan to make a big purchase this month, you can walk away without buyer's remorse. With any financial decisions, proceed with caution. Neptune's influence means you may not see all the details. 

You're in an overall reinvention process, and this is an exciting time, though it might not feel as predictable or stable as you'd like. When the sun enters Aries on March 20, find stability by building community. Connect with neighbors or join virtual groups to meet like-minded friends. You could be called into a leadership position. 

The Libra full moon on March 28 inspires a sense of adventure, while Mars in Gemini motivates you to experience new destinations. These pathways can lead to romance, especially on March 25. At the end of the month, you may feel more committed to your partner and available for love. 

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

The sun shines in your sign until March 20. Think about that for a moment. The sun, the brightest luminary in the sky, is shining down on you. The sun is a primary energy source. It's brilliant and powerful, and we wouldn't live without it. So, what will you do with that extra energy and power? Embody it and let it fuel your imagination so you can realize what's possible for your life. 

The new moon on March 13 helps expand your heart and mind. This influence offers a moment of clarity in an otherwise uncertain time. In the summer, you'll be moving into a time of manifestation. So, right now is the time to plant seeds. If you have felt unsettled about an area of your life, ask for guidance, and be open to signs and symbols, especially from March 11-15. 

Mercury enters your sign on March 15, encouraging poetic thoughts and words. You could feel more social with this influence. It is also a productive time for writing, teaching, speaking, or marketing. You can focus on projects and finish your business. 

The sun in your sign most of the month; make this a time to prioritize yourself in relationships. Remain as open to receiving as you are to giving. Self-love is a primary theme with Venus in your sign until March 21, which means accepting your needs and wants in relationships. Honor your intuition, too. If you feel that something is off with your partner, address your concerns. In general, this is a very romantic time. 

© 2021 by Rachel Lang. Used with permission.

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