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If you’re a nature lover or an environmental activist, you can recharge your batteries by practicing nature meditation. To find other meditation practices that match your needs and interests, see Which Type of Meditation Is Right for You?


What: During nature meditation, you focus on one or more of the following: the sights, sounds, smells, or even the taste or feel of nature. Although nature meditation is typically performed outdoors, there are also nature-themed guided visualizations you can do indoors.

Types: There are a number of ways to meditate with nature, including a sunset meditation, labyrinth meditation, or tree meditation. You can also practice walking meditation and standing meditation outside, or while concentrating on a nature-based theme inside.

Benefits: In Awake in the Wild, Buddhist meditation teacher Mark Coleman writes that “Being in nature helps to calm the everyday thinking mind…the body feels more at ease outdoors, and the heart begins to open to and resonate with the peace, silence, and stillness of the natural world.” Nature meditation can help you cultivate a loving connection with yourself, the earth, and the entire web of life, he says.

Keywords: calming, soothing, grounding, connecting

Try this: Scientists and environmentalists may enjoy biomimicry pioneer Janine Benyus' nature meditation.

In this video, Mark Coleman offers instructions for a sky gazing meditation.


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