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Shivanter Singh is a food professional and juicing enthusiast, who passionately advocates for the healing (and delicious) properties of fresh juices. Here is a recipe inspired by Singh's approach to whole and nutrient-rich juicing. 

Drinking freshly prepared juice is one of the most effective ways to cleanse your body of toxins while regenerating new cellular growth. When combining a variety of fresh fruits and leafy greens in a juice, you drink in an alkalizing, nutritious and anti-inflammatory liquid elixir. Try this nutritious and invigorating combination of cucumber, apple, kale, lemon, celery, and spicy ginger to keep you vital on both a physical and cellular level. 

Approximately 2 servings 


1 cucumber
2 apples (Granny Smith, Fuji, or Gala)
1/2 lemon 
1 kale (curly or lacinato)
4 celery stalks
1 inch of cut ginger root, peeled 

All ingredients should be thoroughly washed and preferably organic. 


Cut the cucumber into spears. Core the apples. Cut the lemon in half.

Juice the cucumber, apples, lemon, kale, celery, and ginger. Enjoy immediately, as the vitality of the juice lessens over time.

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