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Medical anthropologist Alberto Villoldo explains how One Spirit Medicine—a model for wellness based on ancient shamanic healing methods—can raise the quality of our Luminous Energy Field.


Years ago I was amazed to learn that 90 percent of the human body consists of bacteria that are alien to us. Only the remaining 10 percent of the body is made up of our own DNA. So does this mean that “I” am only that 10 percent? No. I am the energy field that organizes this amazing living colony that has a sense of self, of "I-ness." The 100 trillion cells of my colony are kept humming in harmony and balance by the Luminous Energy Field (LEF), operating through my brain and nervous system.

The LEF, to the shaman, is that drop of wisdom consciousness that has acquired individual awareness. It mediates between your brain, where you experience yourself as a distinct individual with your own unique awareness, and spirit, where we are all part of the one. And since the LEF is a biomagnetic field, it does not end where the body ends but rather stretches to infinity and the farthest reaches of the universe, diminishing in intensity, yet never vanishing altogether. Your LEF contains stars and galaxies within it.

The LEF consists of light and vibration, so whatever you dream in this field alters its vibration and determines what you manifest in your body and the outside world. If you don’t upgrade the wisdom in your LEF and choose instead to stay stuck in the same old beliefs—mom ruined my life, the stork dropped me off at the wrong home, or whatever old program you habitually run—the wound remains unhealed, and you wind up ill, or with some other undesirable outcome. In Eastern thought, this cause-and-effect is known as karma. And being stuck in karma is not an optimal way to go through life. But when you take One Spirit Medicine and raise the quality or wisdom of your LEF, you can begin to express the genes for health and longevity, and live a more rewarding life.

It’s much harder for us to raise the quality of the LEF today than it was 100 years ago, or 10,000 years ago, when our Paleolithic ancestors were alive. Because of the toxins in our brain and nervous system from pesticides and mercury, we can no longer readily experience unity with all creation. No matter how arduously we meditate or how many times we chant om, the invisible matrix of spirit seems to elude us.

One Spirit Medicine opens the doors to this invisible matrix of wisdom where everything is intertwined, where every thought we have impacts every cell in our body and every molecule in the cosmos.

When you experience One Spirit Medicine, you access what the psychiatrist Carl Jung called the collective unconscious, that aspect of your consciousness that participates in the shared awareness of all creation, that recognizes your oneness with all beings and with nature. How can you harm the earth or other beings when you and they are inseparable? Conversely, how can you not attend to your own healing if you care about your fellow beings? Once you’ve experienced One Spirit Medicine, the idea of looking out for number one at the expense of others is inconceivable.

The awareness that we exist in both the visible and invisible worlds at the same time brings the realization that everything in your life is something you’ve dreamed into being from the invisible matrix of energy. Much as you may hate to admit it, that includes any emotional pain and suffering you may be experiencing. Even the apparent schism between the visible world of the senses and the invisible matrix of energy is an illusion you’ve created, albeit a collective one we share as human beings.

Thinking that the physical world is the only reality is a helpful notion for operating in everyday life: it’s not easy to work your way through a to-do list when you’re in a state of oneness, experiencing your wave nature. But once you experience your interconnectedness with the cosmos, what you put on your to-do list is likely to change, and your ability to complete the list without sabotaging yourself will almost certainly improve.

The LEF allows you to dance easily and fluidly between the two worlds and balance the doing of the visible world with the nondoing—the just-being—of the invisible world. You can choose whether to focus on everyday activities or to rest in unity with spirit. Whatever you’re doing or not doing, you can be fully present in the experience instead of wondering whether there is something better somewhere else. Once you receive One Spirit Medicine, your dreams cease to consist of fantasies that other people will change their behavior and attitudes. Instead, recognizing that in your wave state you are part of everything and everyone, you can leave others to live their lives as they wish, and concentrate on living your own life authentically and imaginatively.

Excerpted from One Spirit Medicine by Alberto Villoldo. Copyright © 2015 by Alberto Villoldo.

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