June 1, 2017

Stories of Hope & Healing

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“We all have stories to tell,” said Gary Krauthamer, a former chair of Omega’s board of directors who has been involved with Omega since its earliest days. He believes learning people’s individual stories is the key to forging tolerance and eliminating prejudice, and is deeply committed to putting this understanding into practice.

Over the years he has heard countless people tell powerful stories about the profound healing they experienced at Omega. “Whether it’s grief, abuse, trauma, addiction, issues from childhood, issues with your children—the list goes on and on—there are so many people that have been affected by Omega in a positive way, people who have been helped through difficult times and helped in their everyday lives.” 

In 2015, Krauthamer and his wife Kirsten were moved to make a gift that will help Omega spread such stories, and in turn enable more and more healing to occur. “I hope that this sharing will inspire new people to visit Omega for their own healing or to support Omega in its work in the world,” he said.

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