The Light Side of Judgment

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Spiritual teacher Matt Kahn explains how judgment can be thought of as a form of intuition, which makes it a useful tool in the process of awakening your soul.

By Matt Kahn

What if we thought of judgment as another form of intuition? From the perspective of ego, judgments are the criticisms that divide our hearts from those that seem foreign to our known perceptions of reality.

While the soul is naturally welcoming of the very changes that ego fights at every turn, the soul still has a journey of profound growth. One such lesson is recognizing the appearance of any judgment as an intuition being received.

If everything is here to help you, then even judgment must contain some degree of usefulness. Even when packaged in the appearance of a harsh criticism toward ourselves or others, by learning how to decode each intuitive message, a life of insufferable pain becomes a journey of majestic revelation.

The soul is so sensitive to other people’s experiences that it often misunderstands its empathic abilities as personal judgments. When fully realized, the pitfalls of ego reveal the greater healing power of an awakening soul.

Instead of judging each thought as if we came up with it, why not open to the possibility that each limiting idea, belief, or thought is a layer of the collective unconscious that we are healing for the well-being of all?

A New Paradigm

Within the old spiritual paradigm, it can be quite confusing to experience such negative thinking, especially if we believe our thoughts have any influence over the outcomes of reality.

Consider the possibility that thoughts do not create reality, since all of reality already exists. When we were born, we did not wait for reality to appear. We were welcomed into a world that was already created, simply waiting for us to arrive.

While there are a multiplicity of options to choose from, thoughts do not determine what does or does not happen. This is because outcomes unfolding as destiny are created prior to each human incarnation. While thoughts can determine the quality of experience, whether from the viewpoint of the ego or the perspective of the soul, we don’t have to project judgments or superstitions onto experiences that merely confirm the emotional debris our energy fields are clearing out of those in view.

Even when we feel as if we are judging someone, a much deeper experience is likely happening: Primarily, the judgments we hear are the insults they have had projected onto them by others or have concluded about themselves.

Here we are, as lightworkers in human form, clearing emotional layers out of their field, simply by standing in their presence. Even when such judgments contain a feeling of aversion or disgust toward someone, it is the wisdom of the soul sending an important message.

Since we tend to match the vibration of those we spend the most time with, feelings of aversion are a way for inner guidance to remind us when we are choosing to spend time with someone whose energy may exhaust us instead of uplift us. 

Soul Perspective

This can be quite confusing for an evolving, energetically sensitive soul who always yearns to assist in the healing of others and support the underdog in any story.

Through the eyes of the Universe, those we are meant to heal have us feeling uplifted instead of exhausted. And when feelings that were once uplifting suddenly create a sense of exhaustion, that is the Universe suggesting that we have shared enough space with that person for the time being.

Instead of attempting to push past this energetic boundary, the Universe reminds us how we would be better suited to rest and integrate the exchange that has occurred. As we begin viewing life from the soul’s perspective, we come to understand our inherent healing abilities that shed the layers of emotional debris that are ready to be released.

Just by knowing such healing is happening, there can be less self-judgment projected onto our feelings. This allows the debris we are clearing to return to Source instead of being added to our conditioning.

When we are asleep in ego, we unknowingly take on other people’s energy. But when we are rooted in the soul, we are feeling the layers of emotion that our energy fields are clearing out of those around us.