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Your thoughts send energy shooting out of you like arrows. Psychic medium James Van Praagh says it's up to you if those are arrows will deliver love or poison. 

All energy can change its character based on our thoughts. Thoughts affect and alter energy. Everything we see first originated as a thought—the great painter of the world. As a medium, I've intuited many times that all physical matter on Earth derives from a higher mental level. Each work of art, each invention, every new medial breakthrough...was first created in the Spiritual Realms and eventually trickled down to a recipient as "inspiration" or "droplets of God."

Clients frequently say to me, "Tell my mom I love her!" and I reply, "You can tell her. She hears you." Souls are very alive in "heaven" or in the Spirit World. They live in a dimension that is all thought. They can communicate with each other and oftentimes with their loved ones who are still in the physical. 

If you want harmony in your life, you must have harmony in your thoughts. —James Van Praagh

We humans often say things to each other like "I thought of my dad today." We think we are the originator of the thought. Did you ever consider that perhaps it's your loved one impressing a thought into your consciousness to let you know that he or she is around? Your loved ones who have made the transition can hear your thoughts loud and clear. They often describe the thought as brilliantly colored if it's a loving one, but if it's a fear-based thought, it is seen as dark and dull. This is why whenever I teach a class, the first thing I advise the students to do is take responsibility for the thoughts that they create, because thoughts are real and can have a profound impact on every aspect of their lives.

It's difficult for us humans to lend credence to the idea that a "thought" is a real thing, because we are unable to see it. But we know that there are many "waves" darting through the air such as sound waves, microwaves, and radio waves. We take for granted that they exist even though we don't see them.

When you consider your thoughts, know that they are as real to the subconscious of the person you're thinking about as if you picked up your cell phone and said them out loud. Take responsibility for your thoughts; they're not just yours. They go shooting out of you to the intended target just like arrows. That's why meditation is so relaxing—your archers can take a break!

Thoughts are creative energy, and they carve, create, and forge your future destiny. Right now as you read and absorb these words, the experience you're living is a sum total of all the thoughts you've ever had. This is the reality you've created for yourself based upon your thoughts. Some of these you remember, and some you don't. But it's not possible to think one thing and live another. If you want harmony in your life, you must have harmony in your thoughts.

Excerpted from  Adventures of the Soul: Journeys Through the Physical and Spiritual Dimensions  by James Van Praagh. Copyright ©2014 by James Van Praagh.

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