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Philosophers and teachers Krishnaji and Preethaji say that the next generation of leaders will create truly conscious organizations by transforming their own consciousness.

In our work, Preethaji and I have had the chance to see the inner workings of organizations at every level—from couples and families, to small businesses and institutions, to large multinationals, movements, and nations—and as leaders ourselves we recognize the value of progressive and intelligent systems.

But no matter what kind of system you create and what kind of rules you enforce, so long as the consciousness of the individuals that make up the system remain limited, it can never attain its vision.

A self-obsessed consciousness will overpower the most efficient external system. That is why a focus on transformation is a must for any leader seeking to create an extraordinary impact on the world.

And as so many of our students in executive positions have shared with us, when they make a commitment to transforming their consciousness, the people in their organizations have a way of following suit.

In stark contrast to forcing compliance around some new management techniques, the act of creating a truly conscious organization is all about your way of being in the world—your ability to dissolve states of suffering so you can act decisively, your desire to connect to the well-being of everyone in your organization, and your desire to create a beneficial impact on the larger whole.

Most leaders speak of what they want to do for the earth, but they say little about their state of being. However, unless there is a fundamental revolution in our consciousness from division to oneness, separation to connection, and suffering to a beautiful state, how can we set a clear vision for the future of humanity?

Without a fundamental revolution in our consciousness, all resolutions, decisions, and changes are cosmetic; they bear no true fruit and tend to collapse in further conflict.

Always remember: first consciousness, then decision and action.

We are at a pivotal point in human history where we can either take our collective evolution to the next level or lead ourselves and other forms of life to destruction and extinction. The power now lies in every one of us. The fate of our future generations and the many forms of life on earth depend on this evolution in consciousness.

Will you let your consciousness degenerate toward suffering, separation, and isolation, or are you going to consciously evolve into a beautiful state?

Where do you want to go?

Excerpted from The Four Sacred Secrets: For Love and Prosperity, A Guide to Living in a Beautiful State by Preethaji and Krishnaji. © Copyright Atria Books 2019.

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