January 7, 2022

Why Mediums Need To "Master the Message"

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Pyschic medium Lisa Williams brings a wealth of knowledge and heart to her workshops along with sharing her mistakes and challenges. Find out why she thinks it's so important for those starting out to "master the message." 

If I can help someone own their self-worth, own their practice, find the best of what they can do, and let them walk away with the business plan, then I know I've done my job.
Lisa Williams

Omega: You not only teach about how to hone mediumship skills, but also about building a practice. What's a tip you wish someone had given you when you were building your business?

Lisa: I've been teaching since I was 14 years old in some capacity. I've always been a teacher, and really I think I'm probably a better teacher than I am a medium. I teach from the heart, from my own understanding. I've been doing this work for more than 25 years, and I feel I bring a wealth of knowledge, but also my mistakes and my challenges.

I wish I knew how to have self-worth, how to overcome the skepticism, and how to grow a thick skin. If I can help someone own their self-worth, own their practice, find the best out of what they can do, and let them walk away with the business plan, then I know I've done my job.

I come from a very strong business practice, because I had been in the corporate world. I love marketing. As far as I'm concerned, we all have to have a uniqueness in the medium world, because there are so many mediums out there. You have to have something unique that you can claim; and finding it is probably the hardest thing to do.

Lisa: It’s probably the biggest thing I teach. I want people to hear the hard No, the “No, I can’t relate to that.”

I make sure that my students are not afraid of shutting down and feeling like, “Oh I'm getting the No.” I want them to embrace it. Because that No is going be that moment of "Wow" when suddenly you say something else and they're like, “You're so right!”

The "No" gives you the opportunity for the "Wow." So, that’s one of the big things that I teach, and having that gives you confidence.

Omega: How do you balance your material life in this plane with all its commitments and your connection to the Spirit world?

Lisa: When you lift one foot over into the other side, which is what I do, you have to be very balanced. You can’t always walk around in the other side, you know?

So first of all, I have a family and dogs. I make sure that I spend time with my family, I make sure I go through the normal, mundane things that I have to do as a wife, a mother, a dog owner, a house owner, and a car owner. You'll often see me sitting at my piano playing something, or you'll see me going out shopping or I love home DIY projects so I'll be drilling holes in my walls and putting up fixtures and fittings.

I think it’s really important to have a home and work/life balance.

My work is communicating with spirits and I don’t want to speak to them all the time. It’s like being an accountant. An accountant is not constantly doing their books. You don’t want to be doing it 24/7.

Omega: Can you talk about your psychic detection work and how you stay focused under pressure?

Lisa: There is immense pressure with this work. You not only have the pressure of being right, you've got the pressure of families, you've got the pressure of their emotions, and you've got pressure of police. I work a lot with private investigators, local law enforcement, and families.

It isn’t always an easy thing to do, and say to someone, “Listen, I'm sorry, I feel as though your son or your daughter or your mother or your father has passed away.”

It’s very hard. I do like training people in this kind of reading, because what happens in the psychic medium world, and especially with someone who hasn’t trained, is they're usually taught to blurt things out.

And really, there needs to be a compassion that comes with it and empathy. You are carrying someone’s mental health status in your hands—not only for that hour or half an hour that you're with them, but for as long as that reading stays with them.

One of the things I teach is mastering the way that we deliver the message. I have a very specific process that I teach my students. I teach them how to have that compassion, because some people don’t have it, and they're fabulous psychics and mediums, but learning how to deliver the message is so paramount.

I don't think everybody can do it. I don't think everyone should do it. It’s a certain mindset that you have to be in. You have to be very thick skinned and you have to be ready to be open and honest.

I love this work, there’s nothing more rewarding than for me to actually say to someone, “Hey, listen, your son is still around and he’s gonna turn up” and then six weeks later, he walks through the door as if nothing’s happened. And it really does happen. 

Omega: What do you wish more people knew about mediumship?

Lisa: I think they do know about mediumship. I think it’s becoming more and more prevalent in the world. I feel that what we're doing is we're bringing an awareness out there. And I do feel that, in many ways, we are among the therapists of the world. We're all doing some good, and there’s lots of therapists and there’s lots of doctors, and there’s lots of psychics and mediums.

I always say, “There’s enough dead people to go around.” You know, so, there shouldn’t be an ego of, like, “Oh, I'm the best” or whatever. It’s like, “Come on, you're never gonna be out of a job and there’s enough dead people to go around so, you know, get rid of that ego.”

I know it’s so helpful when someone has passed and we feel that disconnect and there’s such a nice way to be able to still communicate.

And I get it. Hey, listen, I did it myself. I was in Edinburgh teaching, and I had to put my dog down, and I'm on FaceTime with my husband, and he’s there with her. I felt her with me for the first day and then the following day, I found myself Googling, "signs from your dog." I was the number one hit that came up. I'm reading my own words. Really, Lisa?

But what was funny about it is, it just goes to show that even me as a medium, I still need that connection. I still needed that reassurance.