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Our beliefs shape our lives, influence who we become, and affect the relationships we form with others. Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret, explains how to become a magnet for love and find your soulmate by examining your doubts and beliefs about love.

The number one question I hear most often from singles is, “How do I overcome my doubt that I will ever find my soulmate?”

First, I would ask you to determine if this is a random thought, a random doubt, or if you have a serious “belief” that you will never find your soulmate? It’s important to make this distinction. As human beings, it’s normal to have occasional doubts, but if your core belief is that you won’t find your soulmate, this is something that you need to overcome.

We can train ourselves to become emotionally mature adults and begin to manage our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. When I have a doubt about something, I choose not to buy into it. I say to myself “cancel-cancel,” and then I select a more empowering thought. 

For instance, if you have the doubt “I’ll never find my soulmate,” change that to “My soulmate is not only out there, but he/she is actively seeking me as well, and soon we will be together.”

When I have a “belief” about something, I look to see what feeling is attached. Is it Fear? Anxiety? It is possibly an intuitive warning to look more closely at something? Then I will imagine a “worst-case scenario,” which usually helps me to see the issue with new perspective, immediately reducing any fear or self-doubt. 

Next, I begin to investigate the belief. Is it true? Where did it come from? Am I willing to change my belief? If not, what is my payoff for holding onto this belief?

Our beliefs shape our lives and become self-fulfilling prophecies. If we believe we “can’t,” then we get to be right—we can’t. And we won’t.

My grandmother always told me there is a “lid for every pot.” She’s right. And today, more than ever, this is true. There are more than 7 billion people alive on the planet right now. About half of them are single. You need only one. Statistically, the odds are in your favor. So choose to give up your doubt and become a magnet for love.

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