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March 29, 2022

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April 2022 Horoscopes

This month features the astrological highlight of the year—Jupiter meets Neptune April 12, which offers a deep dive into the mystical realm. There’s a full moon April 16 and a solar eclipse April 30. Find out how these events and more will impact your sign in April.

By Rachel Lang

Aries (March 21-April 19)

The sun is in your sign–the sign of the leader and protector. Your ruling planet is Mars, named for the god of war and guardian of agriculture. The ancients realized that peace depended on the security and availability of resources. If people were hungry, they'd fight one another for food. Mythological Mars was prepped for battle, ultimately, to protect the peace. Mars has a soft side, and you do, too.

This month's astrology calls you to take careful steps and conserve energy, which you have in plentiful supply. You don't want to burn out by taking on too much at one time. Discern. That goes for conflicts, too. Mars is the star of this month's story, an indicator of short fuses and touchy triggers, especially on April 4, when Mars squares Uranus. 

Mars enters Pisces on April 14, cooling hot tension from earlier in the month. It also slows things down, allowing you to have the space to heal any unrest in your heart. On April 12, Jupiter meets Neptune in the astrological highlight of the year. Have faith in your ability to shape your life and co-create the future. This planetary conjunction offers a deep dive into the mystical realm. Expect breakthroughs, but be open to the unimaginable ways magic leads you to them.

The full moon on April 16 spotlights your relationships. If you have been in a long-term relationship, you could see your partner in new ways and renew your commitment. Venus in Pisces helps you feel more adored and appreciated.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

The fire element energizes the month's astrology with the sun in Aries. Earth, your element, is a container for fire. Think, a fire pit made of clay. With warrior planet Mars so active this month, things could get heated. People may toss exciting new ideas your way, activating possibilities. They could fire off an unexpected email or try to engage you in a contest. How will you stay grounded in this busy time? After the sun enters your sign on April 19, you can breathe a sigh of relief as some of the intensity cools down. 

On April 12, Jupiter meets Neptune in Pisces for the astrological highlight of the year. This mystical conjunction inspires compassion, bringing you into an unfolding mystery. You might feel led to share the experience with others in a spiritual group. 

Professionally, you're building relationships with Venus in Pisces after April 5. Working in collaboration is the way to go with Venus exalted. 

The Libra full moon on April 16 reminds you to prioritize self-care for your overall well-being. It's a fast-paced month, and you want to keep your tank full to enjoy the ride. 

The sun enters your sign on April 19, relaxing the month's tone. It's your birthday season! So, relationships are a focal point. Friends and loved ones celebrate you, especially on April 27, when Venus meets Neptune. It opens your heart, allowing you to recognize the beauty you couldn't see before. On April 30, the solar eclipse awakens dormant potential. You can fall in love with life all over again. 

Gemini (May 21-June 20) 

I am sitting at an outdoor cafe writing horoscopes, and as soon as I typed Gemini, a seed blew onto my computer keyboard from a nearby plant. I take it as a sign. It's Aries season, a time for planting seeds. Remember, you don't have to plant every seed that floats your way. The universe is generous in offering gifts, but you don't have to open them all. When it comes to purpose or profession, there's no place for FOMO (fear of missing out). Be discerning about where you focus your energy and attention. Then, commit. 

Mars is a featured planet of the month, and it's fueling a wild streak, especially on April 4. For a build-up of energy, head to the gym and let off some steam. Global events could escalate, which only adds fuel to your inner fire. It's all generating momentum for what you're called to create, and that call is coming into focus after April 14.  

It's a highly creative and dynamic time. You could receive an invitation to publicly showcase your work or present your ideas to a crowd. Any challenges or upsets will lead to breakthroughs in friendships as you learn more about the dynamics at play.

The month ends with a spiritual solar eclipse in Taurus, awakening you to new dimensions of yourself. Be open to changing your mind and gaining a new perspective about your past. Sometimes, the shifts we experience with eclipses happen over time. At other times, they start in a moment of clarity when everything makes sense in a new way. 

Cancer (June 21-July 22) 

Conflict drives the plot forward. It's one of the first principles we learn in screenwriting. While it makes for great storytelling, conflict isn’t fun. As the sun shines in warrior-sign Aries this month, think of this as a time of movement in your life story. On April 4, Mars meets Saturn, motivating you to take a stand and stretching you toward new heights.

You're living at an exciting point in the storyline of your life and will not have time to let worry slow you down. Hold that perspective when you feel the urge to dwell on something not working in your life, including inner conflict. 

This month offers luminous days and mind-blowing breakthroughs. On April 12, Jupiter meets Neptune in one of the most significant transits of the year. Jupiter's expansive energy could initiate a spark of courage. It magnifies your manifestation power. Believe good things will happen and live into those beliefs. A spirit of hope peaks on April 12; anything you create will have lasting power in ways you can't imagine right now.

Let's talk about the full moon on April 16. The Aries sun and Libra moon feel like a tug of war, and an anxious desire to please others could distort your sense of what to prioritize. That tension relaxes on April 19 as the sun enters Taurus and helps you appreciate the beauty of the present moment. Maintain this feeling through the end of the month—the Taurus new moon ushers in a new chapter in your social life. 

Leo (July 23-August 22) 

Think about your favorite song. Maybe it's the one playing in your head right now. What makes music interesting are the dynamics. Without discord and resolution, the piece won't reach your heart. Your life is like that this month. All planets are moving forward until April 29, and there's a lot of fast action. Some of it will be exciting, and some will be the kind of conflict necessary for growth. See it all as a part of the masterpiece of your life.

The month starts with a bang on the heels of the Aries new moon on March 31. The warrior planet Mars meets up with stern Saturn on April 4. Our trigger points are touchier than usual. Keep that in mind if you engage in any conflict or dialogue that starts veering toward debate during those testy times. It's not as easy to reach someone with angry words; it's better to use tact and diplomacy.

Saturn has been in your opposite sign Aquarius since late 2020, and you've felt the pressure to define yourself and your relationships. Relationships have been a focal point, and they continue to be this month. There's a surge of momentum—an excitement in the air. Maybe even a little drama in your life.  

Use the power intention as we close the month leading up to the solar eclipse on April 30. Open your mind to accept the dynamic ways your life wants to change. You're being guided and directed. Eclipses signify change that builds from within. What is love inviting you to do? Follow that yearning.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

"And can any of you, by worrying, add a single hour to your span of life?" This line in the book of Matthew offers something for you this month. How many times have your worries proved beneficial? How many times have they caused excess anxiety? It's one thing to be aware of potentiality—what could go wrong. It's another thing to stay up at night fretting about those things. There's a lot of energy this month, which could mean tension. Make relaxation a priority, especially between April 4-16. 

The energy builds up to a peak intensity at the beginning of the month, but then it slows down, allowing you to relax. Luck opens doors of opportunity in your professional life, especially around April 12. Avoid jumping to conclusions or letting your imagination carry you into self-doubt.

On April 12, Jupiter meets Neptune in your opposite sign, signifying a relationship breakthrough. It's a time of radical self-love through self-acceptance, and that's the key to true love with another. Attune yourself to the voice of wisdom inside. Ask, what do I most need to learn at this time? What do I most need to open? 

On April 16, the full moon shines in Libra, making the middle of April a time for clarity with financial decisions. If you're willing to embark on an adventure, there's an exciting road ahead. As the sun enters Taurus on April 19, you feel more hopeful. Be present in peace—it's what the world needs now. If you feel stuck, find some way to volunteer. 

Libra (September 23-October 22)

We are the peacemakers of the zodiac in a time of war. So, I'll share lines from one of my favorite prayers, the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi: 

Make me an instrument of your peace; 
where there is hatred, let me sow love

Let this be a mantra each time you feel the stirring of conflict, especially inner turmoil like when you wrestle with a decision. It's an exciting time with many possibilities, but that can mean facing tough choices about which path to choose. So, remember, life shows us second chances—there are no wrong decisions. You are learning to accept the path you chose and celebrate your life in the present moment. The Libra full moon on April 16 illuminates these themes.

In relationships, be bold. You can shift difficult dynamics by claiming and stating your desires. On April 4, Mars meets Saturn. If you receive an opportunity to express a concern weighing on your heart, answer that call with courage. 

On April 12, Jupiter meets Neptune in a transit of breakthroughs! It opens compassion and could inspire ways to share your gifts. Before you take on new commitments, prioritize self-care by honoring your boundaries. Hire extra support if you need it, and practice stress-relief techniques like exercise and meditation.  

The sun enters Taurus on April 19 and opens meaningful discussions about plans with your partner, especially during the solar eclipse on April 30. Every conflict we experience invites us to deeper self-discovery. Don't run in the face of an argument; be present and grow.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) 

You've passed Saturn's tests and accepted Uranus's surprises for the last year and a half. So, I have good news! This month’s transits signify a spiritual breakthrough that leads to understanding. Jupiter meets Neptune on April 12, and this powerful transit inspires the hope you need to jump over any hurdles standing between you and your dreams. There's new energy inspiring change, and all you have to do is sit back and allow the magic to happen. 

April's astrology fuels a passion that comes with a sense of purpose. You could meet people who hold the keys to a more purposeful life—angels in disguise. Exciting times don’t always mean easy times, though, and as Mars meets Saturn on April 4, you feel pressure from loved ones who may need more support than you can give. Be aware of your boundaries.

It's a magical time, when your imagination awakens dreams. Ground this elevated sense of possibility by taking practical steps. Saturn in Aquarius requests a disciplined approach to work and dedicated self-care practices to support your well-being. The full moon on April 16 highlights these themes. 

The sun enters Taurus on April 19, and we start to feel the rumblings of eclipse season. On April 30, a solar eclipse in your opposite sign highlights relationship changes, and you could have a breakthrough that expands your heart’s capacity for love. If you're in a relationship, this could be a time of becoming more balanced in love. Resisting change is a futile effort; accept the call to adventure. 

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) 

Thanks to the sun in motivational Aries, you are firing on all cylinders. Can you feel the dynamic change unfolding in your life? Honor your commitments by being keenly attuned to your priorities, and notice when distraction is more of a strategy to avert the fear of expanding beyond your comfort zone. On April 4, motivational Mars meets stubborn Saturn, allowing you to take a pause and ask, Is this really what I want? You could encounter a conflict, either internal or external, as a part of the discernment process. Take it in stride. 

Life is moving fast. I've read a study reporting that two hours a week is the optimal time to spend in nature. It's good for self-care and good for the soul during these busy times. On April 12, Jupiter meets Neptune in one of the most mystical magical transits this year. It opens our hearts to compassion and allows us to experience more love. At the same time, this transit awakens spiritual breakthroughs, where we see ourselves as infinitely connected. We feel a mystical oneness. Make a plan to engage in some spirit-filled activities. 

The sun enters Taurus on April 19, ushering in a time of renewal and rebirth. The solar eclipse on April 30 indicates a shift in your work that could ripple change in every area of your life. Eclipses bring anything unknown into conscious awareness. Yours is a truth-seeking sign, and you're ready for the information coming into focus at this time. You don't have to dig for it, either. It's there waiting for your discovery.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

The practical sensibilities of your sign make you an excellent analyzer of risk. Your imagination can take you to the worst-case scenario every time, which is a skill. However, now is a time for radical faith in the face of fear. Many opportunities await—you can't make a wrong decision. So, believe in the best-case scenario. Be bold in making decisions and pursue your heart's desire as if nothing could stop you! 

On April 4, warrior-planet Mars meets stern Saturn, challenging our notions of what's right versus wrong. The most exciting storylines are those with no clear right answers. You could find yourself in a similar situation. When your rational mind can't make sense of a decision, rely on your intuition. On April 12, Jupiter meets Neptune in one of the most dynamic transits of the year—a time for mystical experiences and spiritual awareness. 

Professionally, be very discerning with how you dedicate yourself. This month opens up opportunities for excellence in your work, and others will notice. While all planets are moving forward, you are energized for success. The best way to prevent being overwhelmed is to strive for excellence instead of perfection. 

The sun enters Taurus on April 19 with an invitation to relax and play. The solar eclipse on April 30 is a powerful influence catalyzing change for your relationships. Eclipses shine a spotlight on what isn't working, so we can create lasting change. They often come with a breakthrough leading us to overcome fear. You have a song to sing in this world, and the universe is helping you find a mic. 

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) 

As an Aquarius, you see yourself in the context of the whole, asking yourself questions like, how do I share my gifts to match the cultural needs of this time? So, when we have a pandemic, a conflict, or social unrest, you feel it with every cell of your body. As the sun moves through the warrior sign, Aries, you might feel waves of concern. Your challenge, then, is to bring yourself into a state of peace. From that centeredness, you can discern what steps to take.

Mars, the planet of protection and defense, is in your sign. This influence motivates you to succeed. Mars meets Saturn on April 4, activating the tension necessary for growth. You may have moments of discord in your relationship or challenges at work. If so, look for the spiritual significance of the situation—where is the gift in it?

It's adventure time, and there are exciting times ahead. The universe is at your disposal. Activate your creative potential and shine. On April 12, Jupiter and Neptune meet in Pisces, opening us to experience a spiritual awakening through boundless compassion. This transit inspires hope and imagination, and you can see glimpses of possibilities on the horizon. Have faith.

The sun enters Taurus on April 19, and we start preparing for eclipse season with the solar eclipse on April 30. This eclipse stirs change in your home life, and it could likely pave the way for a move. With all eclipses, we see exciting developments and changes. Be open to surprises; the universe supports you.  

Pisces (February 19-March 20) 

Here it is! Your biggest month of the year. Are you ready? Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, meets up with Neptune in your sign on April 12, showing us spiritual insights and leading us into mystical experiences of love. You could receive a call to lead the charge. Now is the time; we are all operating on your wavelength and open for change. 

The sun is in Aries for much of the month, and life seems to be moving fast. It keeps us on our toes—like anything could happen at any moment. So, you could feel pressure to decide how to prioritize. It's easy for you to prioritize others because you're attuned to their needs, but now is the time to focus on yourself first. Structure your day in a way that feels most sustaining and rewarding. 

The full moon on April 16 emphasizes money, and I encourage you to attend to financial matters early in the month. It might be a good time to ask for help with monetary concerns to protect your assets or budget for a big-ticket item. Your financial potential follows your intuition, which is your greatest asset (when you trust it). The sun enters stable Taurus on April 19, and it inspires you to connect with new friends and explore new communities, which might mean a move or a long-term stay somewhere new. We will see a lot of change over the next few months. It's exciting to be alive in this time of movement and shift.