August 28, 2023

September 2023 Horoscopes

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There's a Virgo new moon September 14 and Mercury is retrograde until September 15. The sun enters Libra September 22 at the equinox, which introduces a new season with a balance of light and dark. The Aries full moon September 29 closes the month.

By Rachel Lang

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Our warrior planet, Mars, is in the peace-loving relationship sign of Libra all month. You might wonder why your usual feisty flame is more of a soft flicker. You'll get your groove back in October; use this time to recharge and reset. 

Mercury is retrograde until September 15, making this a month to organize, adopt healthy habits, and prioritize well-being. The Virgo new moon on September 14 marks a new beginning in health. Dedicate yourself to trying new modalities and routines; discipline is on your side. 

The Virgo new moon on September 14 features a trine to Uranus (on September 15), making it a time for welcome financial and career surprises. Be prepared for the best-case scenario by having your talk written, your proposal finalized, or your elevator pitch rehearsed. 

Mercury retrograde can inspire reconnections and rekindling romances. Do not concern yourself with outcomes or absolutes. Stay in the present moment and feel the swirl of emotions this cycle can bring. It's an excellent time for healing to reclaim parts of you that, perhaps, you abandoned or neglected. They long to be loved, especially on September 19 at the compassionate sun-Neptune opposition.

The sun enters Libra on September 22, and you head toward the end of the month with your shield held high. Boundaries are your keyword; others could test them by requesting you dedicate your time to their cause. On September 24, you may only be able to please some. Aim to please those you most respect. 

The Aries full moon on September 29 closes the month with a nod to October's eclipse season. Destiny has called you forth with a renewed sense of mission. Shout to the world, "Here I am!"

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Shapeshifter Uranus in your sign has led you down one path you thought was inevitable, only to surprise you with a different set of circumstances you couldn't have imagined. Thanks to Mercury retrograde this month, you can step back and catch your breath before life introduces another adventure. The new moon on September 14 lets you decide whether you'll relax and allow change to flow. It starts with your mindset and ripples out into your daily experience. 

A sun trine Jupiter transit on September 8 signifies good luck. Something is coming your way; have faith in the universe's goodness. You may receive foreshadows or signs leading up to the transit. Pay attention to any insights you receive. 

Mars moves through peace-loving Libra all month, allowing you to mediate any conflicts that arose when Venus was retrograde (July 22-September 3). Your sense of fairness is back in order, and relationships could feel more balanced toward the end of the month.  

On September 19, a sun-Neptune opposition stirs emotion. A whirlpool of sensations moves you to get up and dance with anger, grief, joy, and other feelings. It's a watery influence that may not offer much context for the emotions. Reflect on the metaphor of dancing—artful, graceful, and embodied. 

The equinox on September 22 introduces a new season with a balance of light and dark. The sun’s ingress into Libra adds to this spirit. Saturn retrograde offers a chance to revisit opportunities you may have overlooked this past year. Focus on collaboration. If you are in a burnout phase, take a break to recharge before giving up. 

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Messenger Mercury goes retrograde until September 15, making for a whimsical start to September. Retrograde cycles are most frustrating when we take things too seriously. Mercury wants us to have a more playful approach to life. Yes, there could be complicated miscommunications, technical glitches, or travel delays. We can't control much of what flows our way, but we can manage our attitudes and responses to life's curveballs. Keep this in mind, and you'll have an enjoyable September. Go with the flow.

The sun shines in Virgo until September 22, making home and family your top priorities. When the sun is in Virgo, we separate the wheat from the chaff. We seek to curate our lives. This influence helps us declutter or stay focused on our goals. However, one potential manifestation could be a heightened sense of criticism, and you might take care not to turn a critical eye to your family. We are all doing our best to move through these transformational times, and the young ones in our lives feel it the most. Take time to listen and attune to their deeper needs—the ones they may be afraid to express. 

On September 14, the Virgo new moon supports your decision-making processes regarding moving or home-related projects. The influence of Uranus suggests minds could change. Celebrate the adaptability of your Gemini sun, and marvel at the synchronicities you encounter. A sun-Neptune opposition on September 19 confuses the topic, leading you to seek outside help. 

The equinox on September 22 signals the start of a new season. Cupid's arrow finds its way to your heart as the sun shines in Libra, helping kindle romance, no matter your relationship status. 

Cancer (June 21-July 22) 

When the sun shines in Virgo, we can better identify the imperfect aspects of our lives. We notice the dust on the baseboards, streaks in the shower, or the disorganized junk drawer. That's why it's a time to organize and simplify our lives. We want to take care not to indulge all critical thoughts. For example, of all imperfect things, we are most attuned to our relationships. Wouldn’t it be nice if our loved ones were perfect? Nah! Think of how bored you’d be without feeling the full range of human emotions we can only experience through relationships.  

Because Mercury is retrograde until September 15, it’s imperative to do some soul-searching to learn more about what drives your annoyances. Blame accomplishes very little to heal fractured dynamics. Be willing to bend a little in your relationships and see if others do the same. 

The sun shines in Virgo until September 22, an influence that brings out your inner administrative assistant and editor. You can better accomplish tasks requiring precision and focused attention. It's also a fruitful time to connect with others or advertise your business. Mercury in Virgo graces your use of language, helping you articulate complex ideas in ways others can receive. If you are inspired to teach a class, now is the time! 

The equinox on September 22 makes the fall more delicious. It invites you to enjoy culinary delights and the sensations of pumpkin-spice season. You could be called to entertain friends or host a gathering. If distant relatives invite you for a friendly visit, consider accepting. Time spent with the ones we love is a precious gift, and the astrology of late September lets you put grievances aside and celebrate your bond. 

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Thanks to Venus retrograde in your sign, you've been on a 40-day crash course in confidence building. On September 3, Venus stations direct, and you can enjoy a few weeks with the planet of love illuminated in your sign. It's a flirtatious transit that invites light-hearted banter and fun. It's also a time when you feel you're more aware of your beauty, giving you single Leos the stamina to wait for a partner who sees you for who you are and appreciates you. Say to the world: 

I allow myself to receive abundance and love. Bring it on!! 

Mercury is retrograde until September 15. Involve yourself in an organizational project that brings some relief into your life. Consider digital decluttering, deleting old files from your computer, or purging pictures from your camera roll. Consider a mental detox by analyzing your recurring inner dialogue and asking, Does this thought support or harm me?

The Virgo new moon on September 14 helps you solidify boundaries to avoid draining your energetic or financial bank account. If it feels like a no, don't make it a maybe. Be clear with others, as this Mercury retrograde wants you to take an honest inventory of your wants, hopes, and limitations. It's a purifying new moon with healing potential. Look for ways to heal pain from past romantic relationships. 

The middle of September features favorable trine aspects in grounded, practical earth signs. It's take-charge-of-your-life energy, creating a welcome landing space for your intentions and deep desires. The sun enters Libra on September 22 at the equinox. The balance of dark and light offers a workable metaphor for the end of the month. All polarity has a middle ground.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

"When a complex system is far from equilibrium, small islands of coherence in a sea of chaos have the capacity to shift the entire system to a higher order."

— Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Prize laureate

If you feel in a sea of chaos, have faith! You may be shifting to a higher order. What brings you closer to nature or makes your heart sing? Try making beauty a spiritual practice. After all, the Virgo sun makes us more attuned to an experience of our physical senses.

Until September 22, it is a month dedicated to weeding, cleaning, and clearing. We set boundaries, prioritize our well-being, and declutter our lives. Apply this to your mindset, too! Are outdated thoughts repeating in your head? If so, shift the inner dialogue to sound more supportive and uplifting.

The Virgo new moon on September 14 features a trine with Uranus, the planet of surprises and lightning-flash ideas. Be open to receiving insights throughout that week, and you can glimpse an expanded vision for a project or goal. This lunation sets you free to explore a world beyond limits and petty rules.

Mercury is retrograde until September 15, helping analyze the past and dredge up any memories you need to explore. The beginning of the month is full of self-reflection. How will you shine in this new solar year? Give yourself a pep talk and acknowledge the goodness flowing through your life.

On September 22, the sun enters Libra and shines a light on finances. Relax beyond worry to allow a balanced cash flow. The Aries full moon on September 29 carries us into October with passion and dynamic energy. It's an action-oriented lunation perfect for taking steps toward a goal or dream. 

Libra (September 23-October 22)

A month of retrograde planets means you could have a courageous desire to charge forth and blaze new trails … and a simultaneous fog of confusion about the next steps. As the sun moves through Virgo, it helps you reflect on what to let go. A sun-Neptune opposition on September 19 heightens the drama of this tension. The urgency you may be feeling indicates that you're on the right track. You don't have to act upon those sudden urges; be patient and trust the timing.

We start the month with the warrior planet Mars in your sign, boosting your confidence and driving your ambition. What a winning combo! You may feel a nudge from the universe to take an action step, but first, be prepared. Next month, events could unfold in rapid succession. The choices you make in September set the stage.

Mercury is retrograde until September 15, making this a time to declutter, detox, and clean. Start with your inner dialogue. Are there self-critical thoughts you could purge? Then, focus on your home, organizing junk drawers and closets. During Virgo season, we strive for perfection, but for now, accept good enough. The new moon on September 14 invites you to rest and recharge.

On September 22, the sun enters your sign, and the balance of light and dark at the equinox offers symbolic resonance for the Libra season. If we aim to be all light—upbeat, friendly, and full of good vibes—we may miss the depth of the dark. If we dwell too long in the dark—remembering trauma, grief, and sorrow—we may miss experiences of pleasure and connection. We need both light and dark for wholeness. Your task? Allow self-compassion to lead you to the middle. 

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

With the outer planets and Mercury going retrograde, your life may seem like a slow-motion movie montage. Are people from your past suddenly coming back into your life? Perhaps life has felt overwhelming, and you crave more time for projects or more certainty in your career. Despite our best efforts, we can't control everything, especially the timing of life's turning points. Doesn't it give us some relief to know there are forces of nature operating on our behalf? Magic exists in the unknown variables. Lean into uncertainty to find it there.

With the sun in mercurial Virgo until September 22, life feels more like a quirky comedy than a soap opera. Find humor in strange encounters and revel in novelties. Mars in peace-loving Libra tempers your inner fire, making conflicts seem less attractive. Use your powers of perception to negotiate instead of debate.

Virgo is a sign related to service, fueling your inner urge to contribute. This influence encourages reflection on how you can focus your talents and gifts. With an open mind, consider fresh possibilities. With several trine aspects in earth signs mid-month, you can ground your desires into action steps. It's a fertile time, especially the new moon on September 14. Communication is a keyword with Mercury retrograde until September 15.

The equinox on September 22 helps you prepare for a new season. As the sun moves through Libra at the end of the month, you are letting go of anything you don't want to bring into your next solar year. Celebrate your successes—any moment that filled you with joy, made you feel alive or left you with deep satisfaction. Create time for daydreaming and begin imagining possibilities.  

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Jupiter, your ruling planet, stations retrograde on September 4, offering you a valuable retrospective of your life. What identities have you outgrown? To what are you still clinging? It's time to let go of the clothes that no longer fit and the books you'll never finish. Retrograde cycles help refine our self-concept. We see old snapshots of ourselves, grieve for discarded dreams or lost love, and finally come to self-compassion. You'll be doing a lot of letting go until Mercury goes direct on September 15.

The Virgo new moon on September 14 sounds like the ancient drums, awakening you to a mission. The practical nature of this lunation leaves little space for confusion, and a trine to Uranus makes it a time to act once you decide. You could reach a career milestone or follow curiosity down a new path. Let ideas percolate until the Aries full moon on September 29, a dynamic, energizing lunation full of potential.

Career is a focal point this month. The influence of Mars motivates you to be more ambitious in considering what's possible for your career. It's pulling you toward the future while the retrograde planets allow you to reflect on the past. If you have the courage now, you can revisit a path that once seemed closed. On September 24, move through doubt into faith. 

As the sun enters Libra on September 22, allow yourself to sit in the discomfort of the unknown. It's a relationship-oriented sign, and your desires could be split between freedom and commitment, especially on September 30, when the Uranus-Juno square adds a dash of tension. Avoid longing for something impossible to have now. Instead, celebrate the beauty of what you've manifested in your life thus far.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

What a month to be an earth sign! What other sign is more attuned to the subtle movement of the planet and the slow evolution of culture? Yours is a sign ruled by Saturn, the god of time. You have an innate sense of timing and the patience to wait for the proper movements. When the sun enters Libra on the equinox, it ushers in a time to initiate change. Life could move forward faster at the end of the month. You may have extra motivation to explore goals and pursue accomplishments.

Mercury is retrograde until September 15, signaling a time to finish projects before embarking on a new work adventure. This retrograde cycle could allow you to rebook a missed trip or sign up for a class you've always wanted to take. In the process, you could discover a hidden talent or means of expression. The new moon on September 14 adds depth to the influence and activates your inner explorer. Follow enjoyment over logic.

Mars moves through peace-loving Libra this month, highlighting a time to carry a shield and lay down your sword.

With Saturn going retrograde, you could either revisit financial decisions you made in the past or analyze your current budget. Any economic setbacks you've faced this year require your creativity and strategic thinking. Be innovative in how you earn income and save. Be thrifty in how you spend, even if you feel a flow of abundance right now. The full moon on September 29 offers insights into how to overcome money fears. The key could be to partner with others and merge assets.

Your love life may have had twists and turns. You gain stability as Mars moves through Virgo, helping you solidify commitments. 

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Go with the flow. This four-word phrase epitomizes your month. As an Aquarius, you tend to stay committed, an admirable trait some might equate with stubbornness! You're loyal to the people, causes, and endeavors you undertake. Change is inevitable, unpredictable, and strange we have six retrograde planets like we do this September. Going with the flow means riding the waves of uncertainty and letting resistance go. There will be delays; stay patient. You could have turning points in relationships; be honest with yourself.

The sun moves through Virgo until September 22, and its influence highlights self-inquiry. You're more aware of the psychological factors that motivate your decisions, especially financial ones. Finances will be a focal point for the new moon on September 14. You may be moved to have an honest dialogue with a partner about how to work more collaboratively. Be kind to yourself in negotiations. On September 19, a sun-Neptune opposition allows for a breakthrough.

Mid-September's astrology indicates stability and grounding, making it a great time for home projects, planning, or organizing. On September 15, a sun-Uranus trine opens a gateway for change. What can you do to prepare? Spend the early part of the month paring down to create space for something new. 

The sun enters Libra on September 22, clearing any relationship confusion you may have had with Venus retrograde (July 22-September 3). If you've encountered people from your past, you get the gift of awareness at the end of the month to help make sense of your emotions. The Aries full moon on September 29 inspires your inner explorer and piques your curiosity. Could it be time for a road trip? The stars could align for you to get away. 
Pisces (February 19-March 20)

“Imagination lays the tracks for the reality train to follow.” 
— Caroline Casey, host of The Visionary Activist Show.

Of all signs, yours is the most skilled at imagining, and this month, it's time for the reality train to leave the station. All aboard! Are you ready for beautiful dreams to reach fruition? It's a time to get grounded and put plans into action. This month, the Virgo sun is one of several stabilizing earth-sign influences noteworthy for manifestation. Stay focused by adhering to your task list and ensuring it's manageable.

Jupiter stations retrograde on September 4, an influence that could bring a full-circle moment in your career. Consider writing, speaking, or podcasting to promote your work and business. Jupiter graces your use of language and inspires poetry. Speak from your heart and let the words flow with courage.

On September 19, the sun opposes Neptune. Observe your dreams and any signs from the universe. Guiding messages are yours; receive. This transit can be confusing if we dwell on fear or cloud our perception with someone else's agenda.

Mercury is retrograde until September 15, making part of this month feel like a flashback montage sequence in a romantic comedy. Encounters with people from your past allow you to make peace with the past and move forward. The Virgo new moon on September 14 lends grace to this healing process. Advocating for yourself may be the most direct pathway to peace. 

A new cycle begins with the equinox on September 22 and the sun's ingress into Libra. Dedicate yourself to spiritual practices of ritual and divination. Be open to synchronicity at the Aries full moon on September 29. Magic could lead to a breakthrough.