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It's A Matter Of Faith

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Listen as shaman don Miguel Ruiz Jr. describes the five guideposts for determining how attached we are to belief on Omega's podcast, Dropping In. 

By Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

In his book, The Five Levels of Attachment, Mexican-American author and shaman don Miguel Ruiz Jr. describes the five guideposts for gauging how attached we are to any particular belief, whether it belongs to us or someone else. In his Omega workshop, he encourages participants to use these wisdom teachings to regain the power to make their own decisions. 

This episode features longtime public radio journalist Karen Michel's intimate conversation with Ruiz woven together with audio recorded in Ruiz's Omega workshop session.

Join Michel for each episode of Dropping In as she sits down with the great thinkers, creative talent, and social visionaries who teach at Omega Institute, to explore the many ways to awaken the best in the human spirit.

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