Family Time 24/7? Here Are Some Ideas for Coping | Omega

At home with the kids? Self-care is essential for both you and the children. Here are some resources from Omega teachers that can help manage everyone's energy, offer a little inspiration, and maybe even make you laugh out loud.

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    Your Child Is a Live-In Zen Master

    05:51 minute watch

    Your Child Is a Live-In Zen Master

    Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction founder Jon Kabat-Zinn offers support to parents, saying to think of your children as live-in Zen masters who will unfailingly push your buttons.
  • Superhero Pose for Kids

    At home with energetic kids? Try this superhero pose to help them tap into their personal power.
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    Bedtime Yoga Practice for Kids & Parents

    01:56 minute watch

    Bedtime Yoga

    A simple, gentle yoga practice can be the best way to wind down before bed. Try this kid-friendly practice for a better night's sleep.
  • Family-Friendly Walking Meditation

    Jennifer Cohen Harper, founder of Little Flower Yoga, offers this exercise to help children become aware of the sensations in their body while walking.
  • Parenting As Spiritual Practice

    Omega cofounder Elizabeth Lesser reminds us that parenting can be a spiritual practice offering opportunities to embrace change every day.