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With extra time at home, now is the perfect time to get your garden projects going. Research shows that getting your hands dirty, whether in a backyard garden or keeping herbs on a porch, can help alleviate stress and disrupt anxious thoughts.

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    Avoid Burnout: Grow Your Own Food

    Starting a Garden

    Gardening is a great way to release tension, have access to fresh food, and beautify your backyard or a sunny windowsill. It literally just takes a seed, and most anyone can do it, say Deb Habib and Ricky Baruc from Seeds of Solidarity.
  • Making Your Own Compost

    One way to deal with leftover produce waste is to compost it. Watch this step-by-step video by permaculture expert Connor Stedman to learn how to create your own compost pile at home, quickly.
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    We’re All Seed Savers, Even If We Don’t Know It

    Saving Seeds

    Want to diversify what you're growing in your garden? Learn more about seed saving in this interview with Ken Greene, cofounder of the Hudson Valley Seed Library.
  • Creating a Rain Garden

    Watch participants from Omega’s 4-week Ecological Literacy Immersion Program create a rain garden—then make your own at home.
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    DIY All-Natural Body Cream

    01:16 minute watch

    Creating Homemade Body Cream

    No need to run to the store for body lotion when you can join clinical herbalist Dina Falconi for a quick demo on how to make an all-natural body cream at home, with a few tools you probably already have in your kitchen.