Keeping Creative While Sheltering in Place | Omega

Did you know that expressing your creativity can make you happier? Get inspired to try something new or fine-tune your craft with advice from these Omega teachers.

  • The Need For Creativity

    Don’t doubt your need to stay creative in these times. American country singer and actor Jimmie Dale Gilmore talks about the immense value of creativity, especially in times of upheaval.
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    Find Your Creative Outlet

    Exploring Different Outlets

    Expressing your creativity can make you happier, according to research, so now more than ever is a great time to stay creative. Here are many ways to explore—from painting to dancing to simply daydreaming about it.
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    The Practice of Artistic Creation

    04:49 minute watch

    Playing With Mixed Media

    Ever thought about using multiple materials in your visual art? Watch artist Jane Davies as she makes colorful pieces using mixed media, including collage, paint, and encaustics.
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    Tone & Bass: A Beginner Drum Lesson

    02:41 minute watch

    Learning to Drum

    Watch expert teacher Steve Leicach walk through the basic building blocks of tone and bass to create a groove thats both teaches good drumming mechanics and soothes the spirit.
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    Starting a Morning Pages Practice

    Nurture Your Artistic Time

    Morning pages is a practice developed by Julia Cameron, author of the quintessential The Artist’s Way. And it’s not just for writers. It can be done by anyone looking to boost their creative output.
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    Coffee Shop Creativity

    Bring the Café Spirit Home

    Missing the chatter and buzz of your local coffee shop? Find out why that background noise is essential for the creative part of your brain and how you can “re-create” it at home.