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September 13, 2022

Gender Equity & Reconciliation International 30th Anniversary Celebrated with Global Summit & Livestream at Omega

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RHINEBECK, NY– Over the past 30 years, in hundreds of Gender Equity & Reconciliation International (GERI) programs on six continents, tens of thousands of people have ardently envisioned and aspired to achieve gender equality in all spheres of life. Today GERI is commemorating their organization’s 30th anniversary by bringing together inspiring leaders and organizations from around the globe who are working to make the dream of gender equality a reality. ‘Gender Healed World 2050’, cosponsored by Omega Institute and featuring more than 20 experts in the field, will be offered free of charge as an online conference October 2-7, 2022.

“The ravages of gender oppression have afflicted every human civilization across the globe, in every culture, race, and continent, since time immemorial,” said Cynthia Brix, cofounder of Gender Equity & Reconciliation International. “When you join the summit, you join a community of amazing people around the world who are working to re-invent our human future together—replacing our disastrous gender legacy with a new civilization of beloved community.”

“Many of us contribute–often unconsciously–to exacerbating the very wounds we want to heal. GERI’s process helps people begin to dismantle the patterns and behaviors of our patriarchal heritage,” said William Keepin, cofounder of Gender Equity & Reconciliation International. 

‘Gender’ today includes not only masculine and feminine identities, but also a broad spectrum of non-binary identities and expressions, which are continuing to shift and evolve. GERI provides a unique forum for an open, nonjudgmental exploration of gender imbalance that can lead to discovering new avenues for mutual healing. Through keynote presentations, panel discussions and guided group processes, ‘Gender Healed World 2050’ participants will consciously explore collective gender wounds and gain tools for healing and reconciliation.

“With so much important work still to accomplish, including ending gender-based violence, creating pay equity, and having balanced representation in the institutions that shape our world, Omega is proud to cosponsor this important summit,” said Carla Goldstein, president of Omega.

‘Gender Healed World 2050’will be livestreamed from Omega Institute’s campus in Rhinebeck, New York. While the online summit is free of charge, donations are welcomed and appreciated. For information and pricing for the in-person conference at Omega, please write to (space is limited). Follow GERI on Facebook. #WeHealTogether

About Gender Equity & Reconciliation International

Gender Equity and Reconciliation International (GERI) convenes unique trainings in three program areas for women and men, for people of all gender identities and expressions, and for BIPOC communities to transform gender injustice and establish beloved community. GERI’s reach includes 27,800 participants and 220 trained facilitators in 18 countries worldwide. GERI is a project of the Satyana Institute, a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization that supports individuals, communities, and organizations to combine inner work with outer service in the world.,

GERI Press Contact: Cynthia Brix,, 303.588.7715

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