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Anthony "Dr. T" Cahill

Dr. Anthony Cahill, aka, "Dr. T," is Ahumanengineer, a chiropractor, and a curious seeker of knowledge with a strong desire for answers pertaining to health and life path journeys. With a successful private practice in Los Angeles, he entered chiropractic college in 2000. There, he was drawn towards intentional based modalities coupled with quantum mechanics. Using these concepts in healing he saw many great results. One day after performing a session, his client sat up and said: “You are not a chiropractor, you are Ahumanengineer,” thus began his moniker.

As Ahumanengineer, Dr. T had a collection of means to assist others on their healing journey, but something was always on his mind: those that did not get better. After years of trial and error, a client suggested he go beyond what he was taught and reach out to angels for help. Together they experienced a miracle, and this began a new path for him, utilizing angels in every session he performed.
With knowledge of consciousness, applied quantum mechanics, and angels, everything in his practice changed. Conditions were much easier to correct, with immediate noticeable results. Dr. T continues to study and discover healing techniques uncovered by the ancients, as well as discovering new advanced methods of healing using intention and angels. He now teaches his method of accessing angels for healing to students of all levels of experience.