Cathy Gabrielsen is a best-selling author, LifeForce Energy Healing® practitioner, and founder of the Gabrielsen Healing Center. Cathy is also a speaker, author of Dying to Live: Surviving Near-Death, and a graduate teacher at the Deborah King Center.
In 1988, Cathy and her boyfriend suffered a terrible car wreck that left him in a coma, while Cathy survived a haunting near-death experience. Twenty-two years later, Cathy experienced her second near-death awakening from a near-fatal battle with sepsis. After surviving cancer, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and near-death, Cathy came to a newfound spiritual awakening after finding Deborah King and studying LifeForce Energy Healing. Cathy is a breast cancer survivor and the Founder of Connect Thru Cancer, a nonprofit that provides free cancer support services to families and she is founder of the Gabrielsen Healing Center.
Cathy’s goal is to help others who, like her, are looking for healing on all levels.