Clare Gustavsson

Clare Gustavsson began her career as an opera singer and actress who toured and performed worldwide, including roles on roller skates, pieces with the Mark Morris Dance Group, and bringing Edward Gorey characters to life. She’s also had careers as an artist manager, a teacher of voice, dance, and fitness, and the founder and chief baker of a custom baked goods company.  
Clare has worked in a range of fascinating industries, with a unifying passion to help, entertain, and guide people to live their best life and perform at their maximum potential. Ultimately these varied interests and experiences led her to group and individual coaching and psychotherapy. Today she’s a certified professional coach, a certified Gestalt therapist, and a licensed psychoanalyst in the state of New York. 
Clare’s work combines experiential training techniques from her deep training and experience as a performer and teacher, the toolkit of a professional coach, and the compassionate, non-judgmental listening ears of a therapist. In addition to her coaching and therapy qualifications, Clare holds a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in voice from Yale University.