Joanne Randolph

Joanne Randolph is a nurse practitioner, a writer, and a Certified LifeForce Energy® Healing graduate teacher at the Deborah King Center. She completed a master’s in nursing and is a board-certified nurse practitioner. As a nurse practitioner, Joanne has worked in nephrology, gastroenterology, and asthma/allergy, as well as a nurse for adults with intellectual disabilities in residential care facilities. 
Joanne’s interest in healing the non-physical began in her early 20s when she became passionate about meditation. Later in her 30s, while experiencing postpartum depression and a miscarriage, Joanne needed a new teacher and a renewed spiritual practice. Her search led her to one of Deborah King’s energy healing workshops.
Learning energy healing led Joanne deeper into the inner world of her emotions, her thoughts and into the invisible, mystical world of spirit. Her inner journey helped to awaken a deeper purpose and she now would like to help empower others in their inner journey to healing not just the physical self, but the many dimensions of the self that make a person whole and healthy.