Judy Satori is a spiritual teacher, multi-dimensional channel, vibrational sound healer, and Ascension way-shower. She is the author of Sunshine Before the Dawn, the story of the original creation of the Hu-man, a God-created avatar being.  

Judy’s work includes the transmission of energy words of new creation, which she describes as languages of Universal Source Creation that are divinely designed to activate and expand human capacity and ability. Her work also includes a new energy spectrum called ‘Ultralight’, which she describes as creating permanent alchemical change at the level of cells and the DNA template, positively transforming people physically and emotionally and opening them to their gifts of Spirit.  

Judy speaks galactic languages and works with star beings as a galactic ambassador to shift people into a more expanded version of self. Her energy transmissions are said to be physically regenerative and rapidly expand consciousness and vibrational frequency in those impacted by her work. Judy also holds advanced qualifications in healing in the human energy field and in physiotherapy, but her real teacher has been Spirit. She speaks on global television programs and interviews and has taught more than 1,000 workshops worldwide. 

Judy’s work is housed in an online subscription-based Ascension Library. Through her library she offers hundreds of audio and video programs to help people transform their lives for the better and express their unique potential.