Karen Frazier is a best-selling author, psychic, channel, energy and crystal healer, Reiki practitioner and teacher, medical intuitive, sound healer, and ordained minister for the International Metaphysical Ministry. She writes books about Reiki, crystals, energy healing, metaphysics, personal transformation, psychic phenomena, and dreams, including Crystals for Beginners, Complete Reiki, and The Little Book of Energy Healing

A frequent guest in the media discussing personal empowerment through energy healing, Karen has spoken and taught classes at conferences throughout the United States and appeared on television, radio shows, and documentary films. 

Karen is a medical intuitive and energy healer who is also holds Shinpiden degrees in Usui Reiki Ryoho, Raku Kei Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, and Crystal Reiki. She's also an animal Usui Reiki Ryoho practitioner.