Rebecca A. Barrett

Rebecca A. Barrett navigates the intricacies of motherhood, forming half of a two-mom family. Her journey nurturing a tender young life is chronicled in her writings. Her literary endeavors, rooted in creative nonfiction, explore life, interpersonal dynamics, and self-evolution. Rebecca's literary contributions can be found on Medium, where she not only pens essays and “Daily Delights,” but also shapes minds as an editor for the Garden of Neuro, an all-women’s network focused on sharing our stories, and operates clandestinely for the humor publication, MuddyUm. Beyond her literary pursuits, Rebecca possesses a trove of esoteric knowledge about obsolete lighting instruments and a rich background in project management. Now, in Pennsylvania, she revels in life with her spouse and daughter, seizing fleeting moments for writing amid the whirlwind of parenting.