Renee Metty, M.Ed, is the founder of The Cove School, the first mindfulness-based, Montessori-inspired preschool in the country. She also founded With Pause® to bring the same theories and concepts to leaders and entrepreneurs. She believes that one’s greatest asset is the quality of attention you bring to every aspect of your experience.
With an M.Ed in Early Childhood, an M.Ed in Special Education, and a degree in Business Administration, Renee has a unique blend of experience from business, education, and entrepreneurship that has allowed her to understand the inner workings of human capacity. She uses first principles across a variety of fields to better understand human behavior and to increase a leader's ability to maintain equilibrium.
Renee loves working with professionals to help them perform at their very best. Years of mindfulness practice and her continual journey of deeper self-understanding have prepared Renee to guide others in accessing their own skills, capacities, and insights, ultimately allowing them to close the gap from where they currently are to where they want to go. Her approach and methodology are influenced by some of the best in their field.