How to Make Fresh Cosmetics | Omega

Making your own cosmetics is not only fun, it is a safe, healthy, and economical way to be sure that the same quality ingredients that go into our bodies go onto them.

Using unadulterated, organic, and, when possible, locally grown ingredients, herbalist Dina Falconi shares three recipe templates that are the basis for the many moisturizing creams, aromatherapy oils, and salve recipes found in her book Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair.

  1. Recipe One: Moisturizing Creams. Prep time: 1 hour. Starts at :28. To finish the cream, jump to 14:06.
  2. Recipe Two: Aromatherapy Oils. Prep time: 5 minutes. Starts at 3:00.
  3. Recipe Three: Balms and Salves. Prep time: 20 minutes. Starts at 7:22.

While demonstrating how to measure, mix, store, and preserve, Falconi also imparts her wisdom about the properties of the ingredients she uses, as well as the physical, mental, and emotional benefits they impart.

With step-by-step instructions that leave room for individual creativity and preferences, she counters the prevailing notions that women must use commercial cosmetics to fix what is wrong or inadequate.

Instead, in this engaging, how-to video, Omega members can learn how Falconi’s handcrafted botanical preparations can nourish all skin types.

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