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How does Omega develop its workshops?

The majority of Omega's programs come from in-house research conducted by our program department and not from unsolicited proposals. Our research explores current trends in the publishing industry, performing arts community, and the fields of holistic medicine and psychotherapy. We stay up-to-date in the fields of bodywork, yoga, meditation, medicine, spirituality and religion, various forms of healing, parapsychology, comparative mythology, and other subjects. We carefully read our participant feedback, both for evaluations of current teachers and for interest in new topics and teachers.

What kind of teacher is Omega looking for?

Omega is the largest and most successful institution of its kind in North America. We always seek the original founder of any particular discipline (if he or she is still living), rather than his or her students. We are interested in published authors, scholars, artists, musicians and athletes with established careers and reputations, and experienced health professionals with solid links to legitimate institutions. Potential teachers should have experience in leading retreats, teaching courses, or performing before large audiences. We are especially interested in bona fide spiritual teachers and healers from ancient lineages or traditional cultures now in danger of extinction. And of course, we are always open to an original idea or new theme, or to a unique individual with a remarkable story.

Omega offers workshops at a variety of locations: our Rhinebeck, New York campus; at Blue Spirit Retreat in Costa Rica, and at weekend conferences held several times a year in cities nationwide. If you are interested in offering a workshop at one of these locations, it is best to review a few of the catalogs or brochures to get an idea of the kinds of topics offered. In addition to workshops, Omega also offers hour-long classes in yoga, meditation, tai chi, and movement in the mornings and afternoons-before and after the normal workshop times-at most of our venues, and we are sometimes interested in finding local, experienced teachers to lead these classes.

I want to send a course proposal to Omega; what should I do?

Please fill out the below application forms and press the Submit Proposal button at the bottom of the page. Your teaching credentials and experience should be briefly summarized, and your actual proposal should be no longer than one page. Please note that no proposals will be accepted other than via this process.

In developing a proposal, consider the following:

  • Workshop title
  • What will the participants learn (subject matter, particular methods, skills, etc.)?
  • Participants bring home: New skills? Improved health? Great awareness? Deeper understanding?
  • The workshop is appropriate for: Professionals? Lay people? Beginners? Experts? All levels? Who is the intended audience?
  • Participants learn through: Hands-on experience? Group discussion? Writing? Drawing? Lecture? Any combination thereof? What percentage of the workshop is experiential or lecture?
  • What course materials (if any) will be needed?
  • Provide a history of experience of teaching a weekend or weeklong workshop in a retreat setting.


Please use succinct, uncomplicated language and make sure that your name, mailing address, daytime phone number and/or e-mail address are submitted. If there is interest in your proposal, a representative of the Omega program department will contact you, possibly several months later. At that time, you may be asked to submit copies of your videos, CDs, or books. (All such books, documents, and tapes become the property of Omega and cannot be returned.)

PLEASE DO NOT CALL Omega regarding the status of your proposal.

Thank you.

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