workshop Rhinebeck, NY

The Art of Breathing

A Continuum Retreat


Jun 30 – Jul 5, 2024


Member: $425.00

Standard: $470.00

Elaine Colandrea and Megan Bathory-Peeler leading a breathing exercise outdoors

Reclaim the power and pleasure of conscious breathing through the somatic practice of Continuum, led by Megan Bathory-Peeler and Elaine Colandrea.

Elaine Colandrea leads a simple breath practice to release jaw tension, reduce discomfort in the head and neck, and unlock the diaphragm.

Reclaim the pleasure of breathing. Breathing is central to being at ease in relationship with our bodies, ourselves, and the world around us. Continuum gives us elegantly simple and relevant tools that engage the transformative nature of breathing while exploring fluid movement.

All breath-stopping patterns—whether screen apnea, news apnea, or sleep apnea—are eventually paralyzing. Continuum dissolves internal restrictions, providing ease and comfort in our bodies with cleansing movement practices. Conscious breathing restores equilibrium, without having to understand or fix what is wrong.

Collective engagement grows while practicing and exploring in our workshop sessions together. Our creative exchanges will generate benefits that extend far beyond the workshop. This retreat is for those who wish to sustain themselves in a fluid state of wholeness, well-being, spontaneity, and joy.

Elaine Colandrea and Megan Bathory-Peeler are joined by additional Continuum teachers.

Please note: Teachers and schedule are subject to change.

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Enrollment is limited for this program; register early.

Faculty recommends the following books to enhance your workshop experience:

  • The Elemental Body: A Movement Guide to Kinship with Ourselves and the Natural World by Elaine Colandrea and Rori Smith
  • Moving Inquiry: The Art of Personal Practice by Beth Pettengill Riley and Priscilla Stanton Auchincloss
  • Engaging the Movement of Life: Exploring Health and Embodiment Through Osteopathy and Continuum by Bonnie Gintis
  • Life on Land: The Story of Continuum, The World Renowned Self-Discovery and Movement Method by Emilie Conrad

The somatic movement of Continuum guides you along a path of opening by connecting with the most primordial movements of nature.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jun 30 – Jul 5, 2024

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The Art of Breathing

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  • Elaine Colandrea

    Elaine Colandrea, artistic director of Watermark Arts, is a somatic educator and massage therapist.

  • Omega faculty Megan Bathory-Peeler

    Megan Bathory-Peeler

    Megan Bathory-Peeler is a somatic therapist/educator, choreographer, and performance artist.