workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Dance Your Bliss

An Expressive Retreat for Transformation


Sep 27–29, 2024


Member: $340.00

Standard: $380.00

group of people dancing on beach at sunset

Gain tools to cultivate presence, unleash power, and live abundantly with creativity and confidence in this dynamic workshop with Rachel Fleischman.

Discover three tips for bliss with psychotherapist, movement expert, and Dance Your Bliss creator Rachel Fleischman.

Embark on an exuberant and transformative journey with Dance Your Bliss™, a dynamic psychotherapeutic system that integrates neuroscience, dance, guided meditation, expressive arts, and empowering exercises. This holistic approach unlocks the body's stored emotions, fostering positive change.

Through a fusion of movement, guided imagery, kinetic writing, art, poetry, and play, you cultivate presence, balance, and newfound love for your body. Gain tools to heal emotions, unleash power, and live abundantly with creativity and confidence. Move through blocks, deepen creativity, reclaim life force, silence your inner critic, rekindle wonder, and unearth untapped potential. Learn to:

  • Move your emotions and clear blocks
  • Deepen your creativity
  • Reactivate your life force
  • Let go of your inner critic
  • Reawaken your sense of wonder and awe
  • Discover untapped potential
  • Boost energy, vitality, and joy

All are welcome; no previous dance experience is needed.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Sep 27–29, 2024

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Dance Your Bliss

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  • Rachel Fleischman

    Rachel Fleischman, creator of the Dance Your Bliss™ method, is a psychotherapist, speaker, and...