workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Dancing With the Bear

Healing Through Dreams & Imagination

With Robert Moss.

Jul 19–21, 2024


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Growing Big Dreams

Join Robert Moss on this adventure into shamanic lucid dreaming to discover how Bear medicine can heal and re-enchant our lives.

Robert Moss shares his experience as an active dreamer, and how his dreams and real life intertwine.

Our dreams show us what is going on inside our bodies and what we need to stay well. They give us fresh and powerful imagery for self-healing. When we learn to go back inside our dreams and dream them onward, we open paths of healing for others and ourselves.

The Bear is the great medicine animal of North America. In Native tradition, the most powerful healers are those called by the Bear in dreams and visions. In ancient Europe, the Bear was a goddess.

In this weekend adventure into shamanic lucid dreaming, we explore how Bear medicine can heal and re-enchant our lives. We discover that active dreaming is central to soul recovery, reclaiming vital energy we lost through pain, heartbreak, guilt, or addiction. We learn how to bring a dream to someone who needs a dream. Together, we grow the compassionate circle of energy that makes the extraordinary easy.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jul 19–21, 2024

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Dancing With the Bear

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  • Robert Moss

    Robert Moss, a former professor of ancient history and creator of Active Dreaming, is a best-selling...