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Elevate Your Consciousness - Livestream

Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening With an Enlightened Master

With Sai Maa.

Jul 5–7, 2024


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Align with your souls purpose, tap into inner peace, and be of service during this critical time, in this livestream workshop with Her Holiness Sai Maa.

Sai Maa explores the cosmic shift in consciousness, and says we need to harness the power of consciousness, love, and light within us.

Join Her Holiness Sai Maa in this workshop streamed live from Omega's campus for an immersive experience designed to align with your soul's purpose and elevate your life and consciousness.

A revered spiritual luminary, humanitarian, and healer, Sai Maa is widely regarded for her ability to perceive your life experiences, including all incarnations, and support you in removing the roots of suffering, recognizing your true nature, and taking action to experience personal freedom.

Move from being dependent on external circumstances for your well-being and learn to tap into your inner peace—allowing you to be of service during this critical time on the planet.

Work directly with Sai Maa, and experience guided meditations, breathwork, question-and-answer sessions, and activated visuals designed to stimulate new awareness and awakenings.

Discover an elevated experience of yourself as light. From this heightened vibrational state, life decisions become more effortless, innate joy and bliss flow into all aspects of your life, and your capacity to serve others greatly increases.

This potent experience is ideal for those committed to their spiritual path and ready for a transformative leap. Sai Maa's tender yet fierce love will challenge your limitations, false identities, and beliefs, propelling you into a new level of expansion, awakening, and soul leadership.

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Workshop online

Jul 5–7, 2024

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Elevate Your Consciousness - Livestream

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  • Sai Maa

    Sai Maa is the first female Jagadguru in 2,700 years of the VishnuSwami Lineage.