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Healing the Mother Line Ceremony - On Demand

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Healing the Motherline

Send healing down your ancestral mother line with an activating 3-hour experience guided by spiritual teacher Rebecca Campbell and now available on demand.

In this excerpt from best-selling writer and spiritual teacher Rebecca Campbell's livestream, open your heart and learn why Healing the Motherline holds the keys for belonging and healing.

We each spent five months inside the womb of our grandmother, and she in turn formed within the womb of her grandmother, and she her grandmother, and she her grandmother. On and on it goes, down the mother line all the way back to the original mother.

Through our mother line we can clear what’s been severed. Through our mother line we can reach all the way back to the Original Mother. Through our mother line we can return to each other.

On July 10, 2024, Rebecca Campbell hosted a 3-hour activating event called "Healing the Mother Line," that was streamed live from Omega’s Rhinebeck campus. Now, this deeply nourishing experience is available to you on demand.

Healing the mother line can begin with healing the relationship you have with your own mother; however, you’ll soon realize that it’s not all about her. She was the body in which you grew and the portal through which your soul chose to enter at this time. You can also do this work without being in contact with your biological mother, and whether she is living or no longer here physically.

In this life changing ceremonial event, Rebecca uses soul journey, chant, teaching and energy work to create a powerful container for you to free yourself from what is no longer serving you and set yourself free.

The livestream recording will be available on demand until January 1, 2025.

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Healing the Mother Line Ceremony - On Demand

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  • Rebecca Campbell

    Rebecca Campbell is a best-selling writer, poet, healer, ritualist, and spiritual teacher.