workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Highest Self Magnetism Retreat


Jun 9–14, 2024


Member: $540.00

Standard: $600.00

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Embark on a 5-day journey toward higher self-expression with leading teachers of manifestation and vocal transformation.

Patrick Surdam, Maryn Azoff, Regan Hillyer, and Juan Pablo Barahona invite you to join them on retreat.

Immerse yourself in the power, mysticism, and modalities for change and self-realization with energetic and soul-lifting masters of alchemy Regan Hillyer, Juan Pablo Barahona, Maryn Azoff, and Patrick Surdam. This gratifyingly deep retreat, led by these genuine, grounded guides, encourages you to learn, model, and act in order to arise in full human potential.

During this 5-day journey toward higher self-expression, you:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the human nervous system
  • Learn how to release what is blocking happiness and true acknowledgements from the past
  • Sink into a deeper understanding through every layer of our beings

This Highest Self Magnetism Retreat uses the healing power of the voice combined with primeval voice release to enact the keys to manifestation, the ability to step into your power, and showcase your true human potential.

Teachers are subject to change. 

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jun 9–14, 2024

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Highest Self Magnetism Retreat

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  • Regan Hillyer

    Regan Hillyer is a global motivational speaker, mindset coach, author, visionary,...

  • Juan Pablo Barahona

    Juan Pablo Barahona is a global transformational leader, visionary, holistic yoga teacher, and...

  • Maryn-Azoff-bio_cropped

    Maryn Azoff

    Maryn Azoff is a singer, vocal transformation coach, and creator of the Vocal Transformation Method.

  • Patrick-Surdam-bio_cropped

    Patrick Surdam

    Patrick Surdam is a musician, author, songwriter, and charanguista.