Juan Pablo Barahona

Juan Pablo Barahona is a global transformational leader, visionary, speaker, holistic yoga teacher, musician, healer, and coach. He is founder of JuanPa Global and Kawoq Conscious Living School. His mission is to create change through impacting millions by guiding them back to their natural state of bliss, harmony, and abundance.

He is coauthor, with Regan Hillyer, of The Abundance Codes. Together they offer spiritual healing, business training, and abundance coaching.

Juan Pablo Barahona is trained in many healing arts, including yoga, Chinese medicine, holistic nutrition, qigong, kinesiology, Tantric and Toltec philosophy, Reiki, sound healing, shamanism, and holistic therapies. 

Igniting the world at major events and festivals—including Awesomeness Fest, Bhakti Fest, Hanuman Festival, Wanderlust, Envision Festival, No Mind Festival, and MindValley Academy—Juan Pablo Barahona's clear energy and willingness to share his knowledge invites people into a deep experience of healing and evolution.