workshop Rhinebeck, NY

MARROW–Somatics, Embodiment & Meditation

An Emergent Experience of Aliveness and Connection


Aug 18–23, 2024


Member: $390.00

Standard: $435.00

Group of people meditating in a room filled with large drawings

Unearth aliveness and deep exploration with Sandrine Harris who weaves together somatics, embodiment, and meditation with a trauma-sensitive approach.

Sample the embodied practice of MARROW with Sandrine Harris.

MARROW is a generative experience of unearthing aliveness. It is an unlearning and a repatterning. Grounded in deep process, it is an invitation into quiet internal exploration, meaningful conversations and listening, personal writing, creativity and movement, and flows of guided meditation.

Through a weave of somatics (body sensing and process), embodiment (presence of the layers of mind, heart, and body), and meditation (movement and stillness), we integrate our whole human experience. Together, we forge a path connecting our inner landscapes with community care and belonging within the natural world.

Elements of this program include Feldenkrais® somatics, applications from interpersonal neurobiology and Somatic Experiencing®, creative mark-making on paper, forest bathing, and more.

No experience is necessary, and the program is facilitated through trauma sensitivity and sensing community. The final evening includes an energizing dance party with a global playlist.

Sandrine Harris invites you into MARROW, a retreat experience in somatics, embodiment and meditation. MARROW cultivates unlearning, emergence and repatterning, and is offered through trauma-sensitive pathways for all adults.

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Recommended Reading:

Walking the Tiger: Healing Trauma by Peter A. Levine and Ann Frederick

Things to Bring

  • Journal & pen
  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable clothing, socks, and shoes for outdoor walking
  • One small element from your home place (stone, shell, other) to bring into our shared space (you'll take it back home with you)

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Aug 18–23, 2024

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MARROW–Somatics, Embodiment & Meditation

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    Sandrine Harris

    Sandrine Harris is a trauma-sensitive embodiment practitioner and mindfulness meditation facilitator...