workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Masters of the Tarot

Immerse Yourself in the Wisdom of the Cards


Jul 22–24, 2022


Member: $420.00

Standard: $465.00


Shuffle the cards and prepare for fun and inspiration by exploring the wisdom of tarot in this weekend retreat led by Mary K. Greer.

Mary K. Greer shares one of her favorite reading methods—the yes-no three-card spread— for using the tarot.

Who doesn’t want to learn more about life and its mysteries? It’s all in the cards.

Through the study and reading of tarot cards, intuitive awareness unfolds.

This weekend event is led by tarot experts Mary K. Greer, Rachel Pollack, and more professional tarot readers. It is for everyone who seeks out tarot for knowledge about life and its mysteries, with an emphasis on learning both core and new techniques, whether for personal insight or when working with others.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn and also to meet other tarot enthusiasts, explore new decks, and discover the vibrant community of practitioners.

Through question-and-answer panels, demonstration readings, and work with partners and small groups, you:

  • Find inspiration for your own tarot work and learn to trust your intuition
  • Embrace the opportunity to examine personal issues and decisions that are facing you in life
  • Move deeper into discovering and expressing your own wisdom and truth as well as that of the cards

At heart, this weekend is just plain fun. After all, the tarot began its long life, more than 600 years ago, as a game. Profound, wondrous, liberating, mysterious—but always approached with the spirit of play.

Please note: This retreat is suitable for participants of all levels. Teachers are subject to change. 

Things to Bring

Bring your favorite tarot decks.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jul 22–24, 2022

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Masters of the Tarot

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