workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Meditation & Modern Life

A Zen Meditation Retreat

With Dan Zigmond.

Aug 9–11, 2024


Member: $355.00

Standard: $395.00

Stack of rocks in a flowing river

Disconnect from distractions, slow down, and meditate with writer, technologist, and Zen teacher Dan Zigmond.

When was the last time you gave something your undivided attention? Nearly 2,500 years ago, Buddha worried we had become distracted—and that was long before smartphones. Now our days are filled with distractions that promise happiness while mostly delivering busyness and frustration.

For this weekend workshop, Dan Zigmond guides us to disconnect, slow down, and meditate together. We learn the ancient Zen practice of bringing our full awareness to what is now.

Our time together follows a gentle schedule of sitting meditation punctuated by brief lectures and group discussion, all while exploring the process and practice of mindful living.

Whether you're brand new to meditation or even if you’ve been practicing for years, you leave prepared to bring meditation into your life and mindfulness to your work and home. Come reclaim a healthier and happier way to be.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Aug 9–11, 2024

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Meditation & Modern Life

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    Dan Zigmond

    Dan Zigmond is a writer, technologist, and Zen teacher.