workshop Rhinebeck, NY

The Opening the Heart Workshop

Endorsed by the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation


Sep 4–8, 2023


Member: $380.00

Standard: $425.00

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Tend to your heart, nourish your spirit, and move ahead in life led by Opening the Heart Workshop therapists Linda Aranda Belliveau and Liz Mazlish.

When hearts come together in the deep community of the workshop, we begin to touch something that feels akin to the sacred heart of life, says Linda Belliveau—a healing, uplifting boost that makes you feel good to be alive.

Taught for almost five decades, the Opening the Heart Workshop helps foster positive change in communities where compassion thrives. Through a unique blend of time-tested exercises, practices, and lectures, you are immersed in a rich heritage and culture of the heart where it becomes possible to:

  • Feel more vitality as you find, open to, and express your emotions in healthy ways
  • Discover the ways you are not broken, but profoundly whole
  • Explore more freedom from limiting beliefs and embrace new, unrevealed parts of yourself
  • Learn skills which increase authenticity, empathy, and trust to cultivate more connected and satisfying relationships
  • Open your heart, let go of hurts more easily, and increase your resilience to adversity

Gain an empowering clarity of vision and purpose that will help you move toward your best possible future.

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Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Sep 4–8, 2023

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The Opening the Heart Workshop

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