workshop Rhinebeck, NY

The Psychic Witch Retreat

An Immersive Experience to Awaken Your Power

With Mat Auryn.

Sep 29 – Oct 4, 2024


Member: $485.00

Standard: $540.00

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Awaken your full psychic potential and elevate your magickal skills in a comprehensive and immersive retreat experience with Mat Auryn.

Discover your hidden psychic and magickal skills at The Psychic Witch Retreat. Here, you focus on sharpening your psychic senses and mastering various forms of magick and energy work. You discover how to awaken all your clair-senses and find balance between your higher, lower, and middle self while lighting up your inner witch fire. You also practice spellcasting and ritual techniques, both with and without the use of tools.

You explore various ways to create sacred spaces, collaborate with spirit allies, and implement powerful protection methods. You learn to perceive auras, access the Inner Planes, exercise mental magick, tap into various energy sources, and so much more to level up your magick and make tangible changes in your life.

Whether you are new to the craft or an experienced practitioner, this retreat offers specialized training to elevate your abilities.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Sep 29 – Oct 4, 2024

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The Psychic Witch Retreat

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    Mat Auryn

    Mat Auryn is an influential author and teacher in the fields of occultism and witchcraft.