workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Resilience Retreat, Training & Certificate

Science-Based Skills for Bouncing Back Better


Jun 2–7, 2024


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Learn to navigate life's adversities using proven methodologies with the creator of the Bounce Back Better Resilience Training System.

Emiliya Zhivotovskaya explains the "why" behind the Bounce Back Better® Resilience Training System.

Learn to navigate life's challenges with grace, grit, and mastery. Join leading positive psychology and mind-body medicine expert, Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, for this 6-day Bounce Back Better® Resilience Retreat.

Dive deep into experiential learning in this hands-on retreat, uncovering a unique approach to resilience that echoes the personal journey and profound experiences of Emiliya herself, who embodies the essence of resilience and transformation, having traversed through the realms of loss, persecution, and immigration, transforming her pain into an enlightening pathway for others. She combines research-based tools from the field of positive psychology with two decades of applying the science with practitioners and change agents.

In a world overflowing with uncertainties, learning the skills of resilience is paramount. Emiliya—with her exuberant energy, masterful experience curation, and capacity to create joy, play, and hands-on-learning—shares essential life skills that transform how you experience stress and face life's varying adversities, teaching you not just to stress less, but to stress better.

Throughout the week, you systematically learn and practice the 16 core resilience skills (see below) that lead to mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual mastery scientifically proven to fortify mental toughness, emotional agility, grit, and antifragility. This systematic training weaves through four levels of mastery, filling your toolkit with skills to navigate traumatic experiences and daily triggers alike.

Through interactive, embodied learning experiences, you absorb resilience and positive psychology through joy and play. Elevate your existence and enlighten your spirit. Learning these skills empowers you to transform life's obstacles into catalysts for growth and renewal, next-leveling your capacity for resilience and personal power.

Upon completion, you receive a certificate of course completion in the Bounce Back Better® Resilience System and exclusive access to the Flourishing Center's Online Resilience Tools and Community.

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Module schedule:

  • Monday: Level 1 Resilience Skills (Modules 1-4)
  • Tuesday: Level 2 Resilience Skills (Modules 5-8)
  • Wednesday: Level 3 Resilience Skills (Modules 9-12)
  • Thurday: Level 4 Resilience Skills (Modules 13-16)

Bounce Back Better® Program Content:

  • Module 1: Growth Mindset: From Judgment to Curiosity
  • Module 2: Leveraging Positivity & Befriending Negativity
  • Module 3: Physical Activity: Balance Strength & Flexibility
  • Module 4: Meaning & Purpose: You Matter
  • Module 5: The ABCDEFG of Personal Mastery
  • Module 6: Emotional Intelligence: Thoughts & Feelings
  • Module 7: Breathing For Regulating Thoughts & Feelings
  • Module 8: The Science of The Hive: You Belong
  • Module 9: Working With Worry & Doubting Your Doubts
  • Module 10: Energy Management: Becoming Your Own CEO
  • Module 11: Nutrition: Feeding Resilience
  • Module 12: Pronoia: A Benevolent Universe
  • Module 13: Mind Over Chatter: Practical Reframes for Mastering Your Thoughts
  • Module 14: Emotion Alchemy: A Practical Tool for Mastering Feelings
  • Module 15: Mind-Body Fitness: Movements for Mastering Your Life
  • Module 16: Intuition & Miracles: Mastering Alignment

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jun 2–7, 2024

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Resilience Retreat, Training & Certificate

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