workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Shifting Through Family Constellations

What's Behind Us Lives Inside Us

With Suzi Tucker.

Jul 7–12, 2024


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Initiate a fresh approach in dealing with life challenges using the experiential method of Family Constellations with wellness coach Suzi Tucker.

The experience of grief is like a journey, says Suzi Tucker, which everyone experiences differently.

The philosophy of Family Constellations reveals the streams of difficult connection that move under the surface of current life—the underground entanglements, loyalties, and patterns, says systemic coach Suzi Tucker. In releasing the baggage of previous generations, we become more available to ourselves, she says, freer to live in service of the future rather than in service to the past.

In this weeklong experiential retreat, Suzi uses the lens and process of Family Constellations to guide participants as they establish their families of origin and the lineages in which they are nested. You learn to:

  • Tap into the resilience of the ancestors
  • Release inherited resentment and regret
  • Establish a deeper wellspring of resources
  • Develop an action plan that is generative, optimistic, and possible
  • Take your place in the present and prepare better for the future

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Suggested Reading:

  • Acknowledging What Is: Conversations With Bert Hellinger by Bert Hellinger and Gabriele Ten Hovel with translation by Colleen Beaumont   
  • Gather Enough Fireflies by Suzi Tucker

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jul 7–12, 2024

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Shifting Through Family Constellations

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  • Suzi Tucker

    Suzi Tucker, author of Gather Enough Fireflies, is a systemic coach and family constellation...